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The Lift Boy Full Movie Leaked By Tamilrockers For Free Download

Tamilrockers has released the lift boy online and it is available for free downloads. Many people all over the internet are surfing and downloading movie links. Nowadays Tamilrockers is a big threat to the cinema. They have been releasing every big movie online and this is why box office has been under a great threat. Tamilrockers keep changing its domains very often and it has become very hard to catch them online. They release Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and other language movies a few days before they release in the cinema. Naturally, when people can watch the movie for free why will they go to the cinema? Let’s hope that the industry takes some serious action against them but it is possible?

The lift boy movie review

Lift boy is directed by Jonathan Augustin’s and the film revolves around the trials and tribulations of a young 24 year old boy. The story is about a boy Raju who is trying hard to pass exams and get a good job to earn money. His father has been working in an elevator company and leads a hard life. Education seems to be an important factor in their life as they believe this could give them a better life. The director has made the film quite well and there are so many emotional scenes we will witness. Performances of all actors have been praised very well. Each of the actors has done very well and we can see they have breathed life into the characters.

The cast of The lift boy

Cast of the lift boy doesn’t have very famous faces but they have done their role with great potential. It is being praised by people and critics alike.

  • Nyla Masood
  • Moin Khan
  • Saagar Kale
  • Neha Bam
  • Aneesha Shah
  • Shilpa Iyer
  • Nil Mani

How is Tamilrockers affecting every film’s business?

Tamilrockers is one of the biggest torrent sites on internet. They have been getting high level of traffic as people download movies from their website. Piracy is on the rise and we can see there is a stop to it. We have heard that the Government of India has been taking a lot of efforts to stop these sites. The domains they have are unlimited and it is so hard to catch them. The website has been felicitating illegal distribution of illegal material. They put up films, television shows and music videos online for free downloads.

You can search for the movies online and download process is also very easy. In India, ISPs are given an order to block this website for good but nothing has been done as yet. Tamilrockers has been ranked the 10th popular torrent website all over the world. We can imagine how big this torrent site is, in fact, there are so many similar websites doing the same thing. In March 2018 it was heard that few people from the Tamilrockers team were arrested.

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One of these members was the administrator of the website but after a few months, he was released due to no proper proof. When a movie is released online people watch it for free and they don’t want to spend money on movie tickets. The prices of movie tickets are so high which many people are not able to afford. There is no doubt that if these illegal downloads are stopped the box office collection will go much higher than before. We should respect the hard work of producers and actors alike and try not to download from this torrent site. Together we can surely make a change!

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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