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American Gods Season 3, Updates, Release Date, Plot & More

American Gods is a popular American season that has completed two successful seasons. The new season is coming very soon to entice and entertain all the viewers. A brand new trailer for the new season further confirms that the much-loved series is coming back. There have been some changes in the series as the last season arrived in 2019. From the looks of the trailer, it seems that the new season is going to be more powerful than ever. We have got all the details regarding American Gods so let’s get started.

What happened at the end of American Gods season 2?

If we talk about the ending of season two it was more like a cliffhanger because the world was upside down as Mr. World had done something terribly wrong. He blamed Mr. Wednesday and Shadow to be the real cause of all the mishaps that have surrounded them. The massacre at the Bellefontaine is very scary and it will make the viewers very sad at the same time. The public was hysterical and they didn’t know what to do. If this wasn’t enough another bomb dropped with the revelation for Mr. Shadow that Mr. Wednesday the Norse God Odin was his real father. All these things were like a trouble for all the characters and they didn’t know how to get over it.

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What is the plot of American Gods’ season 3?

American Gods 2

With the start of season three, a lot will be changed in terms of story and direction. Shadow has now moved to another area at the lakeside. He will be away from others for some time but of course, he cannot stay away from trouble for a long time. He has realized his own secrets and cannot remain away from the fact that he cannot be a God anymore. There are some changes that you may see in the cast but the fantasy drama has a lot to offer when it comes to exciting twists and turns.

Orlando Jones, who was successful playing Mr. Nancy in the first two seasons will no more, be seen in the show. He has been fired due to some reason. Marilyn Manson has now become a part of the cast and he will showcase his skills as Mr.Nancy.He will fit in the role perfectly and is already working hard towards it.

Is there a trailer for American Gods Season 3?

The makers have recently released a trailer for American Gods Season three and if you haven’t seen it you are missing out a lot. You will see that a war is brewing up between all the Gods. There are Gods of mythology and Gods of technology. The never-ending wars between them are posing to be a risk for normal people. Now the question arises that which side will win? Is the going to be the technology Gods or Mythology Gods? A regular guy Mr. Shadow is stuck between their wars and he also doesn’t know what to do.

When is American Gods’ Season 3 releasing?

American Gods season three will be releasing in 2021. Earlier it was planned that the show will release in March 2020 but things have changed now. You can catch up with the new season as soon as it comes out.

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