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Albert Pujols Net Worth, Career, Biography, Early Life And More Details

Albert Pujols is a professional basketball player from the Dominican Republic. Pujols gained instant fame after his debut in the MLB. He is one of the greatest hitters and is one of the most consistent players in the league. Albert was awarded the title of the National League MVP three times in a row.

Net Worth

Albert Pujols has an estimated net worth of $170 million. He is a professional basketball player and his net worth comes from his successful career in the game. His major share of income also comes from his endorsement deals.

Early Life


Pujols was born on January 16th of 1980 in Santo Domingo, Dominion Republic. He grew up with his grandmother, uncles, and aunts. His father was a softball player. He moved to New York City with his father and grandmother.

Albert played baseball at school as well. He was a part of the Fort Osage High school. Pujols graduated high school and enrolled in Maple Woods Community College. He was on a scholarship as he was a good student.

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Albert made his debut with the MLB draft. He signed the contract for a $60,000 signing bonus and joined the Cardinals’ minor league team. He played as a rookie season and completed his season with 37 home runs.

Pujols was the first player in the major league to hit around .300 with at least 30 home runs. Albert played eight straight seasons with his team. Albert signed a seven-year contract which was worth $100 million. Pujols is the third-youngest player to reach milestones in his game.

Albert won the NL Gold Glove Award. The Cardinals reached the playoff and won the third time straight. The team won the World Series and faced the Detroit Tigers. Pujols got his second NL MVP Award. The popular media agency The Sporting News gave him the title of the Player of the Year for the second time in his career.

He achieved an impressive home run and his statistics were great all through his career. In 2009 and 2010, Albert recorded several career-high stats. He also won the Silver Slugger Award for the sixth time during his career.

Albert and the Cardinals struggled during the season. The Cardinals reached the final of the World Series. They defeated the Texas Rangers. Pujols became highly successful during his career and signed a contract with the Los Angeles Angels which was for 10 years. The contract was worth $254 million. Albert suffered from a foot injury in 2013 and could not return to the season. He became the third-youngest player to get selected for the All-Star Game. Pujols played with Los Angeles Angels but did not achieve the success he did with the Cardinals.

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Pujols is happily married to Deidre. The couple has been together for many years now. They have five children together named Albert Jr., Sophia, Ezra, Esther Grace, and Isabella.

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