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AEW Signs Up Three Superstars For The Upcoming Matches

AEW has some exciting news to share with all the wrestling fans. They have signed the tag team Bear country and Mark Sterling with new contracts. Sterling is a champion and he has first appeared as MJF’s lawyer during the match with Jon Moxley. His fans have loved his performances and last week he partnered up with Jade Cargill. She has been her manager for a long time. Bear Boulder and Bear Bronson made a debut at AEW in December. Both have regularly appeared on Dark and Dark: Elevation and we must say it has been quite entertaining. The duo has been a part of the Casino Tag Team Royale at AEW Revolution. Here is all you need to know about the latest buzz coming from AEW.

What are the latest updates on AEW?


Even though AEW has not made any official announcements but three superstars are making an entry in the ring. Cody Rhodes who is that EVP of has also revealed in one of his interviews that Bear Country and Sterling will be signed up for a new contract. They are both working under a tier-0 contract. The surprising part is that they have will have a per-appearance deal. Both the superstars will be moving to tier-1 and it is one of the base contractor agreements of this company. The exciting news is coming up from WWE raw as Randy Orton vs. Xavier Woods will be having a competitive match ahead.

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AEW signs three superstars with full-time contracts


AEW is super exciting and all the latest news coming has made them even happier. The team at AEW is always trying to expand their horizon with something new every week. According to the latest buzz they have locked in bigger deals with three stars. All of these stars have been working on per appearance deals till now. Double or Nothing is happening tonight and the event is taking at the regular venues. Fans need not confuse themselves as Bear Country and Mark Sterling are not going to appear on this show.

The company has plans to stick with them for a longer time. Sterling is now working as the manager of Jade Cargill. He has earlier appeared as a heel attorney character of MJF. The Salt of the Earth’s feud has been interesting as the former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley is a part of it. The superstars are now in full-time deals with the company. They are locked in for exclusive contracts so fans can rejoice to see them for long. Bear Country has been a part of this game since December last year. However, his frequent appearances have made fans expect something bigger and better.

We will continue monitoring the ongoing buzz around AEW. There is plenty of news surrounding Double or Nothing weekend so you can keep yourself updated. You can get the entire buzz here. Who do you think should sign AEW next? Do give your comments below.

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