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Backstage News On Lio Rush & AEW Double Or Nothing

Last night’s AEW Double or nothing Lio Rush made his long-awaited AEW debut. He acted like the Joker of the Casino Battle Royale. Lio was eliminated from the match and fans are worried whether he will continue double or nothing or not. According to AEW President and CEO Tony Khan has assured fans that their favorite champion will be back. Lio has a long-lasting contract with AEW and it was revealed in the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. Dave Meltzer has reported that Lio is signed up with NJPW. Lio has been making frequent appearances on NJPW STRONG. Here is all you need to know about AEW double or nothing.

What are the contract details of Lio Rush?

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Double or nothing was super impressive for the fans this week but their favorite Lio rush was eliminated. Many fans are wondering whether he will be back or not. Fortunately, he tied in a deal with NJPW so he is bound to be back. Earlier he has been a part of Super J-Cup. Due to his popularity, he could have made an appearance in Japan. However, it didn’t happen due to restrictions and quarantine due to pandemics. There is no doubt that Rush has made a big name for himself because of his frequent appearance in making big shows like Bloodsport. He has got the chance to win the MLW Middleweight and AAA Cruiserweight Titles. He is one of few wrestlers who have made a debut at AEW after working as an NJPW wrestler. Some other wrestlers include Yuji Nagata, Ren Narita, KENTA, and Rocky Romero.

What does Chris Jericho have to say about filming new AEW matches?

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Chris Jericho has been taking to the media and has the following to say about the new AEW matches:

“I just think because, just the fact that we did in front of our first full house in, sixteen months, fourteen months, whatever it’s been, that made it very monumental for everybody,” Jericho said. “So I think it was a victory, no matter what the stats and the matches were. I think for us, putting together Stadium Stampede to challenge last year’s, which so critically acclaimed, so well done. But the difference is last year we were kind of in an uncertain world. We didn’t know what to expect and everybody was kind of really nervous and scared. So we wanted to do something that was more fun for people to have a diversion from all the weird stuff that was going on. This year was a little bit more of an action movie because it was much more serious of an angle and a story.

“So I think for me, after spending the last four days filming it and doing a lot of editing and production work on it, just watching it from behind the curtain and hearing everybody’s reaction to it, that’s when you know that it’s good. And then also too, the elements that we ended up doing live, finishing it live, I don’t think anybody expected that. And that was really a cool moment too, where you see kind of the ripple effect of people looking up and then everyone starts looking and seeing that reaction. Hearing those reactions was something that was sorely missed, and I think we forgot how important those reactions are. But now that they’re back, it’s like ‘man this is what wrestling’s all about.”

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