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Adjustments to Life That Can Help When You Have Difficulty Swallowing

Having trouble swallowing is a relatively common issue that a number of people live with. There are various reasons why people might struggle with swallowing, and it can make certain aspects of everyday life difficult. As such, if you or someone you know is currently having some trouble swallowing, then you are likely wondering if there is anything that can be done to assist. This article is going to dive into more detail about some of the adjustments to life that you can make if you are having difficulty swallowing.

Certain Practical Tips

When you eat and drink, there are a few different practical tips that you can keep in mind which should make swallowing a bit easier. These include the following:

  • Make sure that you sit in an uprightposition whenever you eat or drink anything, as this makes things a lot easier to swallow.
  • Ensure you keep your mouth clean and keep up with oral hygiene because this makes things more comfortable to chew and means that an infection occurring is less likely.
  • When you do eat, have small regular meals rather than large meals, meaning you’re eating 5 – 6 times a day rather than 3.
  • Take your time; if you rush when you eat or drink, it could make swallowing harder.
  • Only eat and drink that which you like.
  • Don’t worry about asking for help whenever you need it.

Choose the Right Food and Drink

There are certain types of food and drink that are harder to eat than others, and therefore it can be a good idea to opt for these when you are picking your meals. If you speak to a healthcare professional, they will likely point you in the direction of the best food that you can eat. If your difficulty swallowing is serious, then it may be worth opting for brands like SimplyThick nectar which provide food thickeners that mix with beverages, making them a lot easier to swallow. These are sold at a reasonable price and are, therefore, a great option if your swallowing is getting in the way of your drinking beverages.

Take Care of Your Mouth

When you have problems with swallowing, there are a few issues that can arise, such as mouth dryness, having a sore mouth, persistent ulcers, bad breath, infections, changes in taste, and drooling. If you develop any of these symptoms, you should be sure to speak to your doctor or nurse in order to get them treated. There are a number of different things you can do to help to keep your mouth clean and comfortable. These include regularly brushing using an electric toothbrush, using mouthwash on a regular basis, and also ensuring that you floss after every time that you brush your teeth. This is a great way to stay on top of some of the frustrating symptoms that can emerge as a result of swallowing problems.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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