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AARP Games 2020 – Free Online Games to Test Your Wits


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If you open up the internet then you will clearly observe that there are a number of different platforms available who are offering games for you. These games are specially designed for people who choose to play games in their leisure time. According to the new research, games can be really helpful in reducing the mind stress. This is the reason that games are the choice of many people. But what platform you will select to fulfil your gaming needs? I will tell you this in my today’s writing. If you do not want to disappoint your gaming desires, AARP games are the best one to go for.

What Is The AARP?

The AARP is the non-profit and a non-partisan organization that works to fulfill the needs the middle age and elderly people living in the United States. This organization also offers the wide range of the different types of basic programs which include business insurance. special discounts offers, car rental programs, other health or pharmacy services, and travel services too. It was established in 1958 by Ethel Percy and the AARP was merged in 1982 with NRTA (National Retirement Teachers Association).

It is also offering a variety of programs for the old age people that will guide them in their retirement planning too and other issues related to the topic of health and insurances too. This organization also works a lot to solve out the legal issues with the help of legal state advocate. Besides that, the AARP is also serving as a game platform. It has a different type of games for people.

What Games Aarp Is Offering?

The free AARP games are the one which will fully fits on your requirements. The reason why this is working best for everyone is that it has serving in different categories. The AARP games are free, it means it can be played free by anyone. There are different types of games available for the people, as mentioned below.

  • Card Games (It includes games like Solitaire, Blackjack, Bridge and more)
  • Puzzle & Word Games (It includes games like Crosswords, Block Puzzles, Jigsaw, Sudoku, etc.)
  • Brain Games (It includes the games that members only use to test your brain and skills)
  • Mah-jongg Games (It includes Some of the most popular AARP games)
  • Strategy Games (It includes games like Pool, Dice games, Block games, Tetris games, Chess and more)

These are the different types of games categories AARP is serving in. Let us discuss in more detail.

Card Games:

The games lies in these categories are the one which is provided with the best graphics and the game plates. The card games included the best solitaire games (Classic solitaire, Addiction solitaire, free cell solitaire, Golf solitaire, Forty Thieves solitaire etc.). They are the one which is loved by the people of almost every age group. This category also includes the interesting Blackjack and Bridges game for you. So just to be relax, this option is no bad at all.

Words Games:

AARP free games also includes the word games for all. This category is so much famous among kids and teenagers. The AARP words games are providing you an opportunity to boost up your mind more. It includes games like the crosswords, jigsaw, and Sudoku. These all are the one which will able to create a wave of relaxation within your mind. Kids usually love to take advantage of block puzzles. It will work well for anyone.  Words can turned out to be a great source of fun. So in order to keep a check on your intelligence and ability to understand things, this game category will be really helpful.

Brain Games:

No one does not want to deny the importance of mind games in building up strong thinking. This the reason why the category of brain games is so must popular among adults. There are different varieties of brain games lies under this subject.

Mahjong Games:

The games of these categories are related to Chinese board games. These free games mahjong are the one which will be really helpful in boosting the memory, thinking, and also tends your brain to think differently. The all-over basis of these games depends on the use of a perfect strategy to play it and also the suitable execution of it is necessary.

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Strategy Games:

This game works as same as the mahjong is working for the development of your memory and thinking. It includes games like block games, Tetris games, and chess etc. that will really help you a lot. The proper thinking, planning, and execution of the plan are the key points for the success in these games.

The AARP games are the platform which is working selflessly for humanity and serving it by many different means.

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