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7 Stocks to Buy in March 2023

Although the equities sector got off to a great start earlier in the year, significant tremors force a discussion on truly viable stocks to buy in March. Predominantly, comments by Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell opened the door for more interest rate hikes at a quicker clip. Naturally, the prospects of rising borrowing costs hurt investor sentiment.

The equities sector may have had a great start earlier in the year, but significant tremors force investors to think twice about their stock portfolio. With the volatility of the stock market, finding truly viable stocks to buy in March can be challenging. However, there are still some gems worth considering.

One of these is Apple Inc., which has been on an impressive run lately thanks to strong demand for its iPhone and iPad products. Its share price has outperformed other tech giants like Amazon and Facebook in recent months. Another promising investment opportunity is Johnson & Johnson, which has a diverse range of businesses that includes pharmaceuticals, medical devices and consumer goods.

Meanwhile, those looking for a renewable energy play should consider NextEra Energy Inc., which operates one of the largest fleets of wind turbines in North America. The company’s focus on clean energy offers compelling long-term growth prospects given global efforts towards carbon neutrality. Overall, while the market remains uncertain due to various factors such as inflation and geopolitical tensions, investing in these companies offers potential upside for investors seeking long-term growth opportunities.

What to watch for in the market in March

As March approaches, investors are keeping a close eye on the market for potential opportunities. With the global economy still in recovery mode, there are certain sectors that could see growth in the coming month. One such sector is technology, as many companies continue to invest heavily in digital transformation and remote work solutions.

Additionally, healthcare stocks may also be worth watching as vaccine distribution efforts continue around the world. Companies involved in vaccine production and distribution could see significant gains as more people become vaccinated against COVID-19.

It’s important to keep an eye on individual stock performance as well. Some analysts have already identified specific stocks that could perform well in March 2023 based on various factors such as earnings reports and industry trends. As always, thorough research and analysis should be conducted before making any investment decisions.

stocks to buy in March
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7 stocks to buy in March 2023

1. Amazon: With the rise of online shopping, e-commerce giant Amazon has become a household name. The company’s continued growth and dominance in the market make it a solid investment choice for 2023. In addition to its core retail business, Amazon has expanded into other areas such as cloud computing and digital streaming services.

2. Microsoft: As one of the largest technology companies in the world, Microsoft’s stock has seen steady growth over the years. With its focus on innovative products like artificial intelligence and mixed reality, Microsoft is poised for continued success in 2023.

3. Alphabet (Google): Google’s parent company Alphabet continues to dominate the search engine market with over 90% market share worldwide. Additionally, Alphabet has invested heavily in areas like autonomous driving technology and healthcare which could lead to significant growth opportunities.

4. Tesla: Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has been making headlines with its innovations and futuristic approach towards transportation technology. Despite some challenges along the way, Tesla remains a top pick for investors looking to capitalize on renewable energy trends.

5. Visa: The world’s largest payment processor Visa experienced a strong performance even during uncertain times due to COVID-19 pandemic thanks to increased demand for digital payments as people increasingly avoid cash transactions.

6. Berkshire Hathaway: Warren Buffet’s conglomerate holding company Berkshire Hathaway remains an attractive option due to its diversified portfolio that spans across various sectors such as insurance, energy and utilities, consumer goods among others.

7. General Motors: General Motors is a global leader in automotive industry with a presence in almost all the major markets around the world. As a result, its exposure to the auto sector remains quite high even as it seeks opportunities in non-automotive businesses.


investing in the stock market can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. However, with careful research and analysis, it is possible to make informed decisions that can lead to significant returns. The seven stocks discussed in this article have shown promising growth potential and could be worth considering in March 2023.

It’s important to note that investing always carries some level of risk, so it’s crucial to do your due diligence before making any investment decisions. It’s also essential to diversify your portfolio by investing in different sectors and companies to mitigate risk.

In summary, the stock market is an excellent opportunity for investors looking for long-term growth potential. By keeping up with current trends and doing proper research on individual companies, you can gain a better understanding of what stocks are worth considering. As always, it’s recommended to consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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