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7 Mandatory Tools To Spy On Your Competitors On Social Networks

Do you want to learn about the tools to spy on your competitors? If yes, you are on the right page. It is true; there are tools to spy on social competitors that are essential for your strategic work. It’s not a mystery, and everyone needs tools to monitor the behavior of people who share the same field. This is part of the benchmark activities necessary for the brand.

There are many tools in the market to provide post engagements with very little cost but we only recommended to use as they have very low cost and all systems are fully automated.

You have to find out how the context moves, what competitors do. That is threats that come from outside. If you’ve worked with SWOT analysis is a technique for assessing an asset’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, which are precise. You know well that this sector must be approached with care. We turn external concerns into occasions.

Or completely avoid it. Just as the Blue Ocean suggests, a marketing strategy that leads companies to discover new niches far from ruthless competition. In any case, there is always a need for a good job of social media monitoring and observation of competitors. That’s why I decided to leave in this article the best tools to spy on competitors on social networks.

The basics: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

The first tool that I want to mention in this selection of essential utilities for monitoring and social media listening concerns the basic search of the three most common platforms. These platforms are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have an advanced search that allows you to filter the results.

It could do more than the monitoring work of competitors, but it is still right to start from this step. Every strategy that concerns competitors on social networks must keep in mind the searches with the basic tools. And that can later be reported on other monitoring tools such as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. Or organize on an Excel sheet.

A Facebook search: what do you prefer to extrapolate?

Do you want an example of all this? Do you think that with the Facebook search, you can now isolate only posts that contain a certain term and find out who is citing a brand? While with Twitter, you have dozens of search operators at your disposal to obtain very precise results.

Onlypult, follow account, and update Instagram.

I want to close with a tool to update the Instagram profile, schedule posts but also manage competitors. I’m talking about OnlyPult. Here, you can take advantage of a convenient and well-integrated monitoring function with this platform dedicated to the management of one or more Instagram profiles or to get more Instagram followers. You also have the tools to choose hashtags and publish Stories. When you choose the hashtag wisely, you are likely to gain more followers by buying Instagram followers.

Mention, the tool to manage mentions

I want to continue the list of tools to identify quotes on social networks with Mention. What is this utility for? Very simple, it allows you to intercept updates on different platforms based on what your needs are. For example, you can track brands.

With this tool, it is possible to broaden the search to the name of your competitors but also keywords concerning hashtags. A hashtag is a label for words or phrases, typical of social networks. Help others interested in a topic quickly find content about it and the topics that interest you. A report summarizes each search via email.

Followerwonk, analysis of Twitter profiles

An excellent solution to collect all data concerning the work carried out by competitors on this social network. Just enter the user account to get a series of information regarding the type of follower, the activity they carry out, the content they share, and the various retweets.

BuzzSumo, complete monitoring suite

It is the most effective solution, the best tool for spying on social competitors. This reality allows you to broaden the perspective of the contents by entering a keyword; you can find out the people who have more influence than a certain topic. But not only that, but the search also embraces queries. The query is usually used to indicate a request that a user makes using a search engine. Whenever we look for something on an engine using the domain name, for example, try typing the URL of your competitors.

You can find out which posts have been most successful in social media in terms of online sharing. You can filter the type of posts to have more precise and effective results for your searches. There is even a filter concerning deep content or not.

LikeAlyzer, analysis of Facebook pages

This is an excellent application to spy on work on Facebook pages that belong to your competitors. To use the LikeAlyzer tool, just insert the Fan Page into the online application and wait for the result. After a short wait, you can get all the necessary information.

Hootsuite, what competitors publish?

It is among the best tools to spy on competitors on social media, especially on Twitter. Why am I so confident in this statement? It is simply due to this tool, in addition to updating different profiles; you can activate columns capable of collecting keywords and hashtag accounts.

That’s right: enclose the updates that are published on Twitter by certain people, with words that interest you and specific hashtags. This makes it easy to monitor competitors’ activity. You can also create lists with competitors’ accounts (or useful sources) and follow everything on Hootsuite. Alternatively, you can use Tweetdeck, perfect if you only care about Twitter.

Your tools for spying on social competitors

These are the tools most people use to do a good listening job. That is to say, listening, monitoring, and observation of what the contacts that interest you on social networks do. I could use these web marketing resources to monitor competitors.

The names that I left you are also perfect for the job of influencer marketing and outreach blogger. In other words, to ensure that the ideal names are found for your brand promotion, dissemination, and sponsorship work. Do you agree with this choice? Let us know in the comment box!

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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