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6 Uncommon Scenarios for a Super Date

Dating can be challenging if one isn’t creative enough, or can it? Is it really necessary to blow your mind brainstorming date ideas? What is wrong with a simple Netflix and chill scenario? Men go out of their minds figuring out the best date ideas, sometimes embarrassing themselves. It is easier to find out what your date likes, than follow through with action.

How to Find Date Ideas

Knowing your partner’s likes is the first step to a decent date and happiness. Once you know her likes, look around you. There are plenty of hot spots in your locale that can work for that perfect date. A library isn’t the worst spot for a date, neither is the local bookshop with a coffee house in it. After perusing tips on reviews, chances are you find a lovely exotic beauty and plan the first date. Be sure to incorporate cultures and new-age ideas to not seem boring.

Visit Local Hotspots

Find a restaurant with a top-level where things can remain private. Avoid bars and clubs altogether, or the dance floor to be specific. Choose a club with a rooftop and have an affordable yet private affair. It might cost a penny, but a rooftop that is barely used on weekdays can prove to be fun. Ladies worldwide prefer creativity based on what is available. This includes babes on and the profiles therein.

Home Affairs

Why does a spending or superb date have to be a five-star hotel? Make a five-star scene indoors and watch her smile from ear to ear. Take what is available and make it amazing. For instance, begin with living room space and capitalize on that to make a dining area, lounge area, and perhaps a picnic area too. Picture it raining outside; how would things work indoors? That sort of mindset will keep things spiced up in your head and on the ground.


Forget eateries and perhaps focus on hobbies instead. If your girl loves books, visit a bookstore and read a book together. It could be a romance novel, a comic book, or an autobiography. Focusing on likes and dislikes is the best form of flattery. Your partner will love the idea of spending time on something she loves and not a football game or action movie.


Take them mountain climbing or on a nature trail to do things differently. These trails are a dime-a-dozen in certain cities, yet never explored. If your partner loves being indoors, draw them from their comfort zone. It is fun to take walks and even better to climb mountains and rescue each other. Nature walks help you create rapport with plenty of time on your hands and limited distractions. It is the perfect space to ask pressing questions or even propose while on the date.

Amusement Parks

These are perfect for breaking the ice between possible soul mates. With all the rollercoasters, kids running around, plenty of food, and games, even the shyest of us will find rapport. Amusement parks bring out the kid in all of us making it fun regardless of current circumstances. One never goes wrong taking their date to amusement parks.

Bike Riding

Go for walks on nature trails, or grab a bike and head on a city tour. If your date from reviews is new in town, it is the perfect opportunity to show her around. Take tours around landmarks, or other trails. Bikes might not give you a chance to talk much, but it eases the pressure of always having something to say. Alternatively, you could go horse riding, which might be a new experience for both of you.

Keeping things simple has never been more fashionable than it is today. Stick to capitalizing on what is around you and the ladies always appreciate that.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey, a curious soul from NY, is a technical, business writer, and journalist. Her passion lies in crafting well-researched, data-driven content that delivers authentic information to global audiences, fostering curiosity and inspiration.

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