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5 Reasons Why Mid-Strength Beer is Gaining Popularity in Australia

When beer is already an essential part of Australian culture, diversity in flavours and strength is a good idea. Reduced alcohol beers, like mid strengths, are becoming popular among Australians.

Read below to learn about the benefits of mid strength beer Australia is enjoying.

The standard alcohol content of beer, according to Australia government’s health department are:

Full strength beer is 4.8%

Mid strength beer is 3.5%

Low strength beer is 2.7%

Each level has its patrons. But mid-strength beer sales have started to rise ever since 2001 and was mainstream in 2018. It had gained popularity over the light beer, among men and women, and much of the increase was with women.

  1. Of Course, Its Health Benefits!

The most popular reason why beer patrons are switching to mid-strength or reduced alcohol beer is health. There are many benefits of beer. Beer consumption is associated with lower cardiovascular risk when taken in moderation. It is also believed to help relieve anxiety and depression.

Fitness enthusiasts prefer fewer calories. Calories in beer are relative to the alcohol content. One glass of full-strength beer contains 129 cal (541kJ). Mid strength is lower, at 108 cal (454kJ).

  1. Hangovers Are Not an Option

Drinking beer should be for fun. It’s bought for its value, its taste, and its social and health benefits. In a fast-paced world, people are prone to stress. Sometimes what they need is a beer’s relaxing effect to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. With mid-strength beers, you can take a break without worrying too much about hangovers.

One example is in Queensland, where a majority of people opts to drink mid-strength. The climate in this region ranges from 35 degrees and above, especially in summers. They can quench their thirst with this, during the day and still be able to do their usual daily activities.

  1. Switching to Stay Alert

Australian drinking limits are everybody’s responsibility. For drinkers who drive, this is especially true. Mid strength beer allows you the enjoyment of drinking but still keeps you alert.

A huge segment of drinkers of mid-strength beer Australia has have chosen to switch for safety measures. 15% of mid-strength drinkers were switched from premixed spirits, and bottled wine and almost half were switched from heavy beer.

  1. Still as Tasteful as Premium

One of the myths of mid-strength beer is that it tastes less good than full-strength beer. There are stories that it will taste like tea or like full-strength beer but diluted in water. They are just that – “myths”. Beer brewers know that taste and value are what beer drinkers are after. So they devised a way in which the beer will keep its taste. That or have a less bitter, but its own distinct flavorful taste.

  1. Makes You Feel Better

A study from The Journal of Pain reports that drinking beer can help you feel less physical pain. According to the study, drinking two beers can be effective in relieving pain. Even more so than taking painkillers.

Researchers are yet to determine how beer relieves physical pain. It may affect our pain receptors, or it lowers our anxiety which then results in lowering our perception of the pain. Nonetheless, beer as a pain reliever works better than paracetamol. The study still cautions that not to take beer as a go-to anaesthetic. Keeping your drinking in check is always the better choice.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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