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Mine craft Dungeons: All You Need To Know About The PC Video Game

Minecraft Dungeons has achieved massive popularity and the developer Mojang and Microsoft are working to make the game even more interesting. We can find plenty of Minecraft merchandise, and the new version will have exceptions such as the experimental one-offs.  Minecraft Dungeons is an augmented reality game and is titled Minecraft: Story Mode from Telltale. Minecraft has got its ambitious spin-off with Minecraft Dungeons. It is an action RPG and is a fun and thrilling Pc Game.

Diablo, With Blocks

Minecraft Dungeons synopsis states that the kids will enjoy the game. The features of the game include Diablo’s loot gathering and the dungeon crawling which is super interesting for the kids. The game will also be filled with action-RPG antics. The game has all the violence that Blizzard’s classic franchise possessed. The game has a backdrop of the Minecraft universe and players will encounter fighting monsters. The narrator of the game has a strong voice which is a work of Minecraft: Story Mode.

Craft Your Own Destiny


Minecraft Dungeons is not just about building stuff. The game includes the smashing stuff, and the players are required to smash the monsters. In order to smash the monsters, you will be required to craft a hero and might have to change your playstyle. You can explore the character’s abilities and can use the gear that is collected in the game. These gears available for the game include a melee weapon, a piece of armor, and artifacts. You can also get access to the secondary weapons and can explode bottle rockets, to cast a spell on the monsters.

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Fun For All Ages


Minecraft Dungeons comes with a lot of new and exciting features. The franchise maintains the trademark and has a blocky visual style. The game runs smoothly and can work on a variety of hardware. The little kids are in love with this game. The developers have developed the game with Unreal Engine 4- and have powered graphical effects. The Autumn pastures in the game appear to be genuinely pleasing. The game also has Particle effects and this adds chaos to the game. The players will be awarded a plethora of powers and have powerful gaming features.


  • Action-RPG gameplay
  • It works well on all types of hardware
  • Amazing radical new effects


  • Some bosses can be hard to fight alone
  • A few levels can be hard to play and win

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Final Words

Minecraft is getting a lot of attention as this game has become popular amongst kids. The franchise is garnering a lot of curiosity. However, Minecraft Dungeons is interesting and will grab your attention instantly. The action-RPG genre is engaging and offers an amazing loot system. If you love playing games then Minecraft Dungeon is one of the best choices. The gameplay of Minecraft Dungeon comes with a lot of features and can work on all types of hardware.

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