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4 Tips to Make Your Move Easier

We all know what a stressful and exhausting ordeal moving can be. Ranking as the third most stressful life event after the death of a loved one and going through a divorce, it’s clear that moving can really impact people more deeply than they expect.


With so much to plan and organise, the various expenses to deal with and the chaos of having your whole life upturned really is a lot to deal with. This is why it’s important for you to make the process as easy for yourself as you possibly can. In short, this entails a lot of planning and thinking ahead – here’s what you can do.

Schedule Everything Early

Booking your movers at the last minute will never go well, unless you’re prone to miracles. If you want to avoid stress and chaos, start scheduling everything you need to schedule weeks (or even months) ahead of time.

From packers and moving trucks to travel, accommodation and moving insurance, get your things booked and organised so that you don’t need to even think about them again until moving day. Check out Montway reviews for auto shipping, and make sure to compare quotes for moving companies to get the best deals.

Start Packing ASAP

Starting early and packing on aschedule can help you to avoid the chaos of trying to shove everything into boxes one week before you need to leave. Of course, you can’t pack up your whole life two months before you move – you still need to live in your home for a few more weeks.

However, there are plenty of packing-related tasks (like getting boxes and decluttering) that you can start doing well in advance. There are also definitely items you don’t use daily or weekly that can start getting packed up in the meantime.

Get Accommodation

Moving can really disrupt your sleep, which could wreak havoc on your mental and physical health during a time when you really need to be on top of things and feeling your best. This can be made even worse if you have to spend a few nights without your furniture while you wait for everything to align.

Make sure you pay attention to your moving dates and try to align the moving out part with the moving in part as closely as possible. If there are going to be a few days in between, make sure you book accommodation for those nights, or organise to crash at a friend or family member.

Plan Your Meals

When you’re moving, you’re inevitably going to have to stop cooking at some point, since all your supplies will be in boxes. However, living off takeout for a week or two is expensive and won’t give you the energy you need to do all the moving.

Instead, try to plan out and precook some meals that you can easily reheat. You could try out some healthy meal prep recipes or even order a ready-made meal service for a week or two. A few nights of takeout are inevitable, but try to find some balance in the chaos.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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