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11.22.63 Review: Is It Worth The Watch ?

11.22.63 is an American thriller series and it has been a time since it was released in 2016. Since then people have been waiting for a second season but their wish has not come true. Many people love to see thriller movies or series as it has an edge over the others and the story is a little fast-paced too. The series has been produced by Joseph Boccia and it had 8 episodes in total. The story of the show has been adopted by the novel written by Stephen King and people have loved the limited series. Today we will review the hit series and if it is worth watching or not.

What is 11.22.63 about?

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The story of 11.22.63 revolves around Jake who is a teacher and he gets a chance to get back in time to save John F.Kennedy. However, things take a new turn when he is stuck in the past and falls in love with his old self. The miniseries is set in the political background and done the work really well. There are certain parts of the novel that have completely been removed and some parts have been brand new. The makers have decided that they didn’t want to continue all the story novel has followed as adapting it into a television series requires changes. The lead cast and supporting cast have done a good job and the series is worth watching.

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11.22.63 Review

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The interesting series 11.22.63 is a combination of trill and conspiracies of politics. Some parts of the series may seem a bit rushed and difficult to understand by the watchers. There are so many subplots in the series that fans will get confused with whatever that is happening. The story is all about Jake who is a friendly guy and cares about his friends and family. His friend Al invites him to dinner and tells him to join him on a time travel trip. There is a closet that is placed behind the restaurant and it can take people into the past.AL wants to go back in time and stop the assassination of John F. Kennedy and according to him if this happens it will be good for the USA and can stop the war with Vietnam.

They both try to stop the assassination and you will have to see if they get successful or not. Stephen King’s novel has done good research on the political characters and the setting has been created in a realistic manner. There are some light scenes that change the mood in this serious setup. Overall it is a good watch and if you are hunting to watch some of the best series it will be a good choice altogether. The show has done a good job in creating a time travel and political theme all in one.

Cast and performances

All the cast members have given very good performances and once you start watching the series you will realize it too. They blend well with the theme of the movie and their get-ups have been well done too. The script is fast and they have adapted to every scene quite well. Here is the cast list below.

  • James F
  • Sarah Godon
  • George MacKay
  • Daniel Weeber
  • Chris Cooper
  • Lucy fry


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