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10 Tips for Traveling With Your Vape Juice

Is traveling your post-COVID-19 aspiration? If yes, then don’t assume that flying with e-juice is easy because Air travel laws have become tougher; therefore, you should know the regulations governing vaping materials. Traveling with those e-juice supplies is complicated as a result of rules applied to batteries and fluids.

Once you get the top e juice in 2021, we’ll show you how to avoid bad encounters with the safety control at the airport by preparing well for the journey. We have listed the ten tips for taking your e-juice with you while traveling to make your trips more comfortable with no humiliating experiences.

1. Find Out if Vaping is Allowed at the Airport

Some airports allow vaping in their terminal, while vaping is only acceptable up to the gate in others. Whether vaping is allowed or not depends on the airport regulations. Make sure to find out from their website before the day of travel.

2. Acquaint Yourself With Vaping Regulations in Your Destination

You can assume that the smoking regulations affect vaping the same way in the country or state you’re visiting. However, some states are stricter when it comes to vaping than smoking tobacco. You can familiarize yourself with the vaping policies in your travel destination. Generally, if the state laws are not clear, simply avoid vaping in public places.

3. Vaping Isn’t Allowed in Airplanes

Just like you can’t smoke in aircraft, you cannot use electronic cigarettes in planes because they pose fire risks. However, the laws allow passengers to come with the gadgets on board but transported in carry-on luggage while packed well. These devices should be secured well to prevent them from turning on.

4. Keep Clearomizers in a Regulatory Liquid Bag

All the items related to e-liquid, such as atomizer, tank, and clearomizer, should be packed in a bag. The e-cigarettes could have little e-juice left, which can leak due to the pressure in the airplane. Along with batteries, they are allowed in the checked bag for safety.

5. Keep E-Cigarettes Lithium Batteries in the Cabin

While taking your luggage to an aircraft’s hold, the batteries should be well stored in the cabin. This helps to avoid any risk, especially when carrying batteries with over 1000 mAH. Therefore, to stop posing any danger and lousy encounters with the security, put the batteries cells in the cabin.

6. Purchase Enough E-Liquid for the Travel

Enough E-Liquid for the Travel
Image by Zac Gnadinger from Pixabay

It is better to stock sufficient vape juice for the holiday. You might not get a chance to purchase e-liquid in the new destination. If you cannot stay without vaping, then you should purchase enough to sustain yourself.

Besides, you might not get quality vape juice wherever you’re going because the regulations governing vaping and vape liquid vary from state to state. Therefore, buying from your trusted brand will assure you of the quality.

7. Use the Original E-Juice Bottles

Some passengers may decide to transfer the vape juice into another bigger bottle for their use. However, it can be challenging to convince the safety control about the contents and that the e-liquid is secured in the bottle. So it’s better to store them in their initial container with the label and list of ingredients.

8. Place Your Mod in the Bin for Safety Investigation

If you own an advanced mod, you should place it in the bin together with your phone. Although it may not be an electronic mod, you should show the authorities to prevent unnecessary scuffle and save time.

9. Find Out If There Are Changes in Vaping Laws in Your Destination

Vaping Laws
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

The e-juice and e-cigarette industry is new, so the regulations keep changing in different states. You can research the country you’re visiting and the airline to stay updated about their rules. Also, you can ask friends who have visited the same country or with the same aircraft to get all the needed information to avoid unnecessary clashes with the authorities.

10. Is Vaping Legal in Your Destination Country?

While traveling to another country, you need to explore whether vaping e-juice is legal. For instance, in countries like Singapore, it’s prohibited to buy or consume vaping products. Other countries have policies that affect vaping that you should be aware of and avoid possible fines for breaking the law.


Vaping vape juice is banned in airports, but some have designated areas. Again, you aren’t allowed to vape in an aircraft as it can cause fire accidents putting other travelers at risk.

All items such as mods, atomizers, batteries, e-juice, and clearomizer are kept in the carry-on. The vape juice should remain in the original container. Before you start your trip, always research ahead to know whether vaping is authorized in the destination state.

With these tips in mind, your traveling should be a lot easier. Make sure to observe them and follow all the regulations put in place.

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