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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th February 2020 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Kartik reprimanding the assessor. Inspector states we are trying to find the wrongdoer, you can’t speak to us like this. Kartik states sorry. Assessor says it will take time. Manish says the wrongdoer may leave if you delay. Inspector asks them not to worry. Kush says we shall go quickly, Lav. Kartik asks Naira not to fret, else she will certainly fall ill.

Naira claims Trisha was attempting to state something, she was getting angry, please do not misunderstand me, perhaps she was saying about Lav, Kush or their buddy Abhishek. He states enough, calms down. She visits Kairav. Kairav conceals and also listens to Lav as well as Kush speaking. Kush claims we will certainly throw Trisha’s phone. Lav says it won’t obtain captured. Kush claims Abhishek has most likely to his cousin in the United States, we will certainly obtain caught.

Lav claims right, we will take the phone. Naira states I have to figure out what was Trisha claiming. Kairav sneezes. They see Kairav. Kush states he returned. Lav states I m certain that he listened to whatever. Naira asks Gayu for Kairav. She assumes sorry, I didn’t take note. Lav captures Kairav. Kush says leave him, he is scared. Lav says we will tell him what we were doing. He asks Kairav to promise, he won’t claim anything. He states we have actually hidden a ghost there, its dangerous, he will certainly eat everyone. He frightens Kairav. Kairav sobs and runs to Naira. He hugs Naira and states there is a ghost right here. Naira asks that told you, take me there. Lav and Kush look on.

Naira claims Kairav is in shower room, he is scared, he is saying there is a ghost. Kairav asks are you here. She says yes, papa is additionally here. Kartik says yes. Naira states we have to clear this from his heart. He asks her not to stress. Kairav comes. They dance. Itti si hasi … plays … They state Kairav is endure, his papa is strong. Kartik says yes, we will constantly maintain you safe. Kairav sleeps. Kartik asks how did he think about ghost. She states don’t recognize, he is too afraid, he isn’t paying attention.

He says its okay, we will certainly clarify tomorrow. Its early morning, Kairav is terrified and hugs Kartik. Suwarna and Manish ask Kairav to take them for icecream treat. Vansh says Kairav and I will go to institution now. Naira states Kairav will not come today. Vansh states I won’t go also. Gayu says no. Naira claims you go and also desire your friend from Kairav’s side also. She asks assistant concerning Trisha. Naksh comes as well as greets every person.

Everyone speak with Kairav. Lav and Kush search. Naksh claims we will certainly play with Kairav. Naira states we will certainly play football. Kairav says I will not most likely to the yard, there is a ghost. Kartik asks who told you, inform me. Naira states there is no ghost. Kartik asks did you see. Kairav says no, Lav as well as Kush did this and also concealed the ghost, like we hidden the playthings. Lav says no. Akhilesh scolds them. Manish states we will certainly dig the place and show that there is no ghost, if we get it, we will defeat him. Everyone says yes, we will not leave the ghost, come. Kairav reveals the area. The slave digs the location as well as obtains the chips packet. Dadi asks what’s inside. They get surprised seeing a box.

Naira takes it from the slave. She checks the notes. Kartik states dreams are created on the tabs. Lav as well as Kush recall concealing the phone and putting package. Lav says I told you, that we will place something. Kartik asks what’s all this. Lav says we made use of to do this in childhood, we got our dreams and also hidden this. Kush claims we told this to Vansh additionally. Lav states we really did not inform Kairav regarding ghost. Surekha says my children take care of everyone. Dadi honors them. Naira searches. She states I m unable to see something. Kartik asks her to come with him, he got a suggestion. They most likely to Trisha. He says you can speak with us in this state, additionally, will certainly you attempt.

Trisha winks. Naira asks her to help, they will capture the offender. Kartik says we can catch him. They ask Trisha to tell them regarding the alphabets. Kartik claims we will certainly make his name and also discover. Naira claims the reality will come out currently. They reveal the numbers. Trisha winks to say three perpetrators. Trisha responds seeing L as well as weeps remembering the occurrence.

Naira asks do you need to say something. He asks does that guy’s name begins with L. Trisha gets weak. Naira calls the registered nurse. Registered nurse states it takes place if individual recalls some bad experience. He states we are attempting to inquire about wrongdoer. Registered nurse states forget it for a long time, concentrate on her health. Nurse infuses her. Trisha rests. Kartik talk with doctor. He claims medical professional would be coming currently. He asks Naira to loosen up, she is fine now. Naira thinks who could it be, whose name begins with L.

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