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Wolf Blitzer Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career & All You Need To Know

Wolf Blitzer is a German-American Journalist who has gained a lot of fame due to his hard work. He is also working as a television anchor and going strong for many years. Blitzer has been the reporter for CNN since 1990 and his highly impressive and respected for his expertise. Wolf has been working for political and international affairs especially for the matters of the Middle East. He is a source of inspiration for many youngsters and his career graph is very impressive. Let’s get into more details regarding his personal and professional life.

Early Life/Bio

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Wolf Isaac Blitzer was born on 22nd March 1948 in Germany and he is 72 years old currently. He was given the name of Wolf as his grandfather also has the same name. The names of his parents are Cesia and David Blitzer and they belonged to Jewish background who became refugees in Nazi-occupied Poland. His maternal grandparents had a different story as they couldn’t survive in the war.

All the family members moved to the United States after World War two but Wolf was only one year old at that time. He got his degree in Bachelor of Arts in History from New York and started living his life here. Wolf was a bright child and he completed his education by having a master’s degree in International Relations at John Hopkins University.

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Start of Career and Fame

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Wolf started his career by working at the Reuters News agency in Tel Aviv. He also worked as a representative for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee as an editor. He kept collecting all the reports and presented them for the channel and Near East Report was where he worked. Wolf was later chosen by Editor Ari in Washington as he knew the English language very well. He was covering both American and Middle East politics efficiently. He is fluent in both Hebrew and English while collecting news in both languages was his passion. After his success in various news covering platforms he was hired by CNN and he became one of their most prominent anchors.

Personal life

Wolf got married to his lady love named Lynn Greenfield and they have been going strong since then. The couple is staying together in Maryland and has one daughter together. Not much is known about their daughter but her name is Ilana Blitzer. Wolf has not been into many relationships and his personal life has been very clean and free from scandals. He has got many awards and accolades for covering the news very well. Wolf got an award for covering hurricane Katrina news George Foster Peabody Award.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Wolf happens to be around $20 million while the yearly salary is $5 million per year. He has a big house and living a luxurious life with his wife and daughter. He has always been dedicated to his work and used to visit the site for collecting the most authentic news. His source of income continues to increase and so does his career graph as a news anchor.

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