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Why Tiger King Zoo Has Closed Permanently?

Tiger King Zoo is an excellent documentary that was being released by Netflix over the years. The exotic cat Zoo had all intriguing elements and real-life scenarios were chosen by the creators. According to the latest news why tiger King Zoo has closed permanently and the news has been shared by Netflix. The former owner Joe Exotic made sure that the zoo is closed for the public but it doesn’t mean that the animals won’t be cared about. The tiger king is a wonderful series and it has captured the hearts of millions in fact it has changed the lives of millions. In this post, we will discuss why tiger King Zoo has closed. Keep reading all the details below.

What are the latest updates on Tiger King Zoo?

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Lowe is the caretaker of the tiger King Zoo and according to him, the animals are nurtured with care. All the rights are given to them and even if the zoo has been closed permanently they will confine to live with full facilities. It seems that now the area is restricted from shooting the docuseries. The United Department of Agriculture has inspected the area and the zoo has been awarded because of their great performance.

They are fulfilling the requirements of PETA so nothing bad can happen to the animals. Unfortunately, the things that have been going well for many years have now hit the roadblock. The department of Agriculture has been pressurizing the caretaker of the Zoo to follow the restrictions from PETA more closely. In fact, they have even put in some false accusations for the same. David Perle is the representative of PETA himself and they have suspended the license of the tiger King Zoo which is a big blow to everyone.

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Why was an inspection in the facility taking place?

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If sources are to be believed the inspection at Tiger King Zoo started taking place in June itself. The people who came from the inspection team ordered Lowe that serious action should be taken towards veterinary care as there is Lion named Nala who was lying in the mud. He was lethargic and depressed or it seemed that he has not to be taken care of seriously. It seems that the Deputy General of PETA animals have been suffering and this is why the license has been suspended.

The sick cat was not able to get treatment at the veterinary care unit. According to Lowe, the license doesn’t seem to get a renewal. If we talk about Oklahoma state the ownership of exotic animals seems to be illegal but it seems that according to the Tiger King Zoo caretakers they are wrongly targeted. They plan to open the park soon if things permit but things may go wrong for now. If this isn’t enough the arch-rival Carol Baskin has now been awarded the ownership of the zoo in Oklahoma.

Lowe has told the media that they have been given 21 days to vacate the area and the arch-rivals Carol will be taking care of the zoo. According to Lowe, he seemed to expect it happening since a long time ago. The earlier reports also suggested that the season of tiger King Zoo may be on its way and Baskin might be taking over the series production.

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