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Why Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Are the Best Choice for Indoor Gardening

Cannabis breeders continue to amp up innovation, creating more resilient, potent, and low-maintenance strains for individual growing. Autoflower seeds are one of the most outstanding achievements in this regard, as they give cannabis lovers a chance to grow weed with little effort. When it comes to autoflower seeds, USA remains the top consumer of these cultivars. American growers appreciate their excellent qualities and ease of use. This article explores the key characteristics of autoflower seeds that explain their popularity and make them perfect for indoor gardening. After reading this, you will definitely want to give them a shot and establish your own cannabis garden.

Autoflower Seeds: Main Characteristics

Autoflower cannabis seeds produce plants that begin to flower as they reach a specific development level. This characteristic differentiates them from feminized and regular seeds that begin to flower only when the lighting schedule is maintained. In other words, auto-flowering cannabis growth does not depend on the specific number of lighting and darkness hours. Autoflowered plants begin to flower in two to four weeks, allowing the cultivator to harvest in about ten weeks.

This type of cannabis seed is also known for its relatively small size compared to its counterparts. Height depends on the strain and growing conditions, but these plants tend to reach 50-100cm. Thus, they are perfect for growing in small to medium-sized pots.

Each plant grown from autoflower cannabis seeds can produce several dozen grams of yield. The best strains can yield 200-300 grams per plant if grown in perfect conditions. So, autoflower seeds are suitable for covering the needs of cannabis lovers who consume weed moderately.

Pros and Cons of Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower seeds are feminized, meaning that they produce only feminine plants. Unlike regular seeds that produce male and female cannabis plants, these seeds allow for less time-consuming growing. You don’t need to look for male plants in your garden and remove them timely so as not to destroy your harvest. So, if you value your time and don’t want to take pains with watching your garden closely, opt for autoflower seeds.

Another advantage of autoflower weed seeds is their resilience to cold and temperature fluctuations. This feature makes them perfect for inexperienced growers who cannot always maintain ideal conditions on the growing site. To sweeten the deal, auto-flowering weed plants can grow perfectly well at room temperature (about 21°C), so you don’t need to invest in expensive heating equipment.

There is a pervasive stereotype that autoflower plants produce less potent buds with suboptimal characteristics. However, this cannot be further from the truth today. Back in the 2000s, when the first autoflower seeds entered the market, they were indeed less appealing than regular or feminized ones. However, cultivators have come a long way since then, ensuring that autoflower seeds sold today produce buds withan excellent aroma, potency, and cannabinoid content. So, today’s autoflower seeds for sale provide the same benefits as other types of weed seeds.

Best Autoflower Pot Size

Autoflowering weed plants contain a slew of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. High CBD concentrations in these plants make them ideal for people looking for symptomatic pain relief, stress relief, and relaxation. So, if you prioritize weed’s therapeutic properties over psychoactive ones, auto-flowering plants will cover your needs.

Other advantages of autoflower seeds include the following:

  • More harvests per season compared to regular or feminized seeds;
  • Small size;
  • Suitability for stealth growing;
  • Better resistance to diseases compared to non-autoflower varieties.

Critics of auto-flowering cannabis plants argue that they produce a small yield compared to their photosensitive counterparts. While regular and feminized seeds may indeed bring higher yields, they are harder to grow and require substantial investment in growing equipment. So, if you are ready to sacrifice a bit of yield in favor of no-fuss growing, autoflower seeds are your best choice.

For some growers, a relatively low THC profile in auto-flowering plants is also perceived as a disadvantage. However, recently emerged autoflower weed varieties can compete in terms of THC content with their photoperiod counterparts. If you are looking for high-THC content, weed bank consultants may help you find a suitable strain with auto-flowering properties.

Get Seeds from Autoflowering Cannabis Plant

Choose Autoflower Seeds for Indoor Cannabis Gardening

Based on the description of autoflower seeds above, you may easily guess why this type of weed seedis perfect for indoor gardening. The small size of auto-flowering cannabis plants means you won’t need to allocate too much precious space. A balcony or a windowsill may be enough to fit in a couple of pots. In addition, small auto-flowering plants are a preferred choice for those considering stealth growing. They don’t attract much attention and can be safely kept out of children’s reach.

Next, autoflower seeds are made for perpetual indoor harvesting. This process is defined as the use of cannabis plants planted at different periods. You can add new plants to your garden so that while some provide yield, others grow. This way, you have a steady, uninterrupted supply of fresh weed. With regular seeds, perpetual harvesting may turn out to be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor.

All in all, auto-flowering cannabis cultivars provide an easy growing experience. You don’t need to equip your home with state-of-the-art heating and lighting devices or spend hours every day checking the state of your garden. In many ways, these plants do not differ much from the rest of your home plants.

At the same time, you cannot just plant autoflower seeds and call it a day. Even theseplants need basic maintenance, such as watering, temperature and lighting regulation, and trimming. So, you need to read the literature and consult experienced growers before purchasing autoflower seeds to reduce the risk of growing errors.


If you are looking for options to produce easy-to-grow crops indoors, there is hardly a better choice than autoflower cannabis seeds. They don’t require much money, time, or skills to grow, and they can easily fit into a small space due to their size. Undemanding in terms of environmental conditions, these plants offer the same therapeutic benefits as other cannabis strains. There’s so much that can go wrong in the growing process, so choosing autoflower cannabis seeds is a safe bet for many amateur growers.

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