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Who Is Going To Die In ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10 Finale?

The walking dead is a popular series that has made a mark worldwide with its thrilling and captivating storyline. The series has managed to come a long way as it will be completing the Season 10 finale. If you have been watching the entire series you will be curious to know that who is going to die in the final of the season.

There are many discussions going on social media and people are discussing the same topic with each other. People are speculating that at least one of the four heroes is going to face a sudden doom as they eagerly wait for the finale. The zombie series has been the strongest over the years. Today we will be discussing the details we have about the walking dead season 10.

What is going to happen in the finale of walking dead season 10?

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The season 10 of walking dead is not going to be simple at all as the title in itself is giving scary vibes. You must be wondering which one of the six heroes will die in the series. There are many people who have read the original comic on which the series is based and the loveable character Andrea is the one who dies in the end. In the series that character has died a long time back in season three. If we talk about father Gabriel there are chances that he may or may not survive. The priest has come a long way and been a part of the series since season five.

It is to be seen that which characters can survive the threat of Beta attacks and Father Gabriel has been the one who has taken the most of assault from the enemy. The Walking dead will soon arrive with a new season and the ‘certain doom’ is going to bring the curtain down with a lot of cliff hangers. If we talk about the comic Jesus and Aaron are the ones who finally stops the Beta attacks and turn out to be the true winners. In the series, we can expect the same, or maybe Darly can also get the satisfaction of ending the Beta?

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Which character is expected to die at the end of walking dead season 10?

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There are many characters in the series and it is hard to judge who has more chances to die towards the ending. Dianne is a pretty decent survivor and she has kept herself safe so far and everyone seems impressed whenever she appears on the screen. Though it may be shocking for some if she dies in the end it will turn out to be the most memorable moment in the series. Magna is another interesting character and she recently split with Yumiko for which many audiences were sad.

It doesn’t seem like her character in the show will make an exit anytime soon. Eugene, Ezekiel, and Yumiko met Stephanie and it doesn’t seem they are going to take a part in tower battle. There is a chance that the characters don’t last very long. Rosita is an interesting and powerful character and it doesn’t seem that the makers can kill her off that easily. Connie has been missing from the series for some time and for now, she doesn’t have much to do either.

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