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Where can you get the best pizza in Chicago?

Chicago has long been known as “America’s Pizza Town” because of its deep commitment to making great pizza. But people rarely know that the saucy, cheesy, delight is something of a hot button issue there, and when you throw in the word “best,” well, you’ve got yourself a nuclear war.

Chicago’s pizza scene flaunts battling slice shapes, crusts types, sauces and toppings, even eating styles. To simplify though, there are basically two camps that Chicago pizza lovers fall into: the Deep Dish, and the Tavern-Style.

When contemplating the “bestChicago pizza, it seems the judgment mostly depends upon whether you’re a visitor to the city or a local. It’s said tourists tend to favor historic Deep Dish; the decadent and thick, high-crusted deliciousness with savory inverted layers most often associated with Chicago. But locals claim the best places serve Tavern-Style. They say its crispy-thin, unyielding crust, velvety sauce, and square-cut pieces, comprise “true” pizza.

Forget the Yelp search and TripAdvisor reviews, however, for there you won’t likely find the hidden gems serving either type of slice; what you have to do is get out and walk the neighborhoods where you’ll find the places that have been perfecting their pies for decades.

Pizza is such a deeply personal endeavor in the Windy City it’s impossible to determine where to find the “best” slice for everyone. But you’ll likely find your best pizza in the small neighborhood restaurants around town. And, hey, even the “not best” pizza is better than no pizza.

Is Bruce Arians the right choice for the next coach of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Bruce Arians are the right choice for the next head coach of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has the experience and vision, and the effective leadership needed to facilitate a winning team Arians have a long history of coaching in both college and the NFL. In recent years he’s held the offensive coordinator position for the Cleveland Browns, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Indianapolis Colts. During his time at Indianapolis, Arians served as interim head coach for Chuck Pagano while Pagano was out receiving treatment for leukemia. While acting as interim, Arians led the Colts to a record of 9-3, and as a result, was awarded AP Coach of the Year. He has since earned this title a second time.

In 2013 Arians was hired as head coach of his own team, the Arizona Cardinals. During his tenure there, the team earned the best record in the franchise’s history and went to the playoffs twice. Arians also made history in 2015 by hiring Jen Welter, the first female to hold a coaching position in the NFL, as an assistant coach.

Many believe that a team’s success begins and ends with the quarterback position and Arians’ no-nonsense, “No risk it, no biscuit,” approach will certainly help current Tampa Bay Quarterback Jameis Winston’s performance progress to the next level.
Throughout his career, Arians have demonstrated that his leadership, his progressive ideals, and his experience, result in success. He will definitely be the touchdown Tampa Bay needs to get their team back in the game.

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