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What’s Your Style? City Vs Suburban Living

Everybody has their idea of a perfect location. It’s entirely subjective as to where the best place to live is. Some people also have different needs where some need to be near work while others don’t mind a long commute if they get their needs met elsewhere. Yet, there is a debate about whether the city or the suburbs are better.


If you are ready to make a move then you have to understand for yourself which area you should choose to live in. Once you’ve got a few things to think about then you will be ready to read some reviews of moving companies so you can pick one to help you get to your destination. In this article, we will go over some of the things to keep in mind when choosing where to move.

Life in the suburbs

The suburbs are generally quiet and serene. This is where you’ll find the big house and big yard. However, if you don’t have children then this may not be the right place for you. Having a yard is great when you want to have parties and cookouts. But, your neighbors probably won’t appreciate the noise.

The size of the house is likely very nice but you don’t need so much space when you’re single or a couple. This is where you go when you have a family because you need the space for children to grow and play in a yard.

The downside to living in the suburbs even when you do have children is that you don’t usually have a lot of services within walking distance. Often, you will need to get in your car to get your groceries and bring the kids to school.

However, the benefits of having the space and a calm environment are often what draws people as they overlook the negatives.

Life in the city

The opposite of life in the suburbs is life in the city where houses and apartments are small and it is not peaceful at all. You’ll have to be the type that thrives when there is a lot of commotion and people around.

The positives will outweigh the negatives like the lack of space and the noise for the right type of person. You will likely be near the action so you’ll have things like bars, restaurants, and theaters around in walking distance so you can be socially active any night of the week.

It’s likely that you will also be near to your work. Most people sit in traffic from the suburbs because the jobs are in the city. There will likely be no commute for you since all the jobs are in that area.

It can be quite expensive in the city, however, as this is where a lot of people want to be. If you are planning a family then it will be difficult to get an apartment with enough space for kids and there is little chance of a yard.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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