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What is Wireless Internet Service?

The introduction of wireless capabilities is the latest evolution in the broadband internet. Wireless internet service, like the name suggests, provides you access to high-speed internet without the need of any wires or cable to establish a secure connection.

With time, the demand for wireless internet service has been increasing among users due to their effectiveness and convenience. People want to use it in workplaces, homes, and restaurants as it doesn’t bound them with cables. A wireless broadband internet service allows you to use the internet from anywhere wirelessly within the coverage range.

We have tried to cover the basics of wireless internet so you have a better understanding of the technology. So, let’s get started.

Wireless Broadband Network – Overview

A word that you may find closely associated with wireless broadband internet service is the wireless network. If you have a setup of even one broadband internet at your workplace or home, then it is a wireless network.

To establish a wireless network, you may need different equipment like a wireless router, antenna, and transceiver. These tools use an advanced technology called Wi-Fi. You only have to pay once for the costs of these tools. The only continual expense you need to invest in is a broadband service.

You cannot enjoy a wireless connection if you have all the tools but no broadband service.  Your wireless broadband network is a combination of both wireless devices and broadband service. Once a link establishes, the system transmits data through wireless equipment to your devices.

With this, you can easily use the internet anywhere and anytime as long as you are within the coverage of your home router. You also need to have a reliable broadband internet provider that can offer you immediate help, like Mediacom internet customer service that is available 24/7 in case you may have any issues.

Wireless Broadband Mobile
Wireless Broadband Mobile

Wireless Broadband Mobile

Another latest trend is the availability of wireless internet connection in mobile phones. Your personal cell phones and similar gadgets are all developed using the new wireless technology. You can easily connect them with a wireless broadband connection and enjoy fast speed internet. Two of the most famous technologies used in mobile systems are: EDGE and EVDO.

Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution – EDGE

In 2003, the Global Systems Mobile launched EDGE technology in North America. Today, it is highly popular and widely used across the globe. It does not only improve data transmission speed but also increase its reliability in your cell phones.

It is because of EDGE that you can wirelessly connect your cell phones with the internet. The only drawback is the download speed. It allows you to transfer data at 236.8 KB per second, which is comparatively lower than what other broadband technologies offer to users.

Evolution-Data Optimized – EVDO

EVDO is a relatively faster technology than EDGE. The only reason why it falls in the category of wireless broadband is because of its ability to transfer data using radio signals. It is utilized in mobile phones across the globe through special networks called Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). These networks support a large number of internet users and can attain high data transfer speeds.


This is an evolving technology with limited providers available in the market. This wireless technology demands a personal network and cannot function on any other like GSM or CDMA.

LTE – Long Term Evaluation

Most commonly used in personal phones and related devices like tablets, Long term Evaluation offers its users approximately 300 MB per second download speed and up to 75 MB per second of upload speed. Its latency rate is only 5ms. The frequency bands, however, are different for each country.

Bottom Line

We hope that you have understood the basics of wireless internet service and its importance in our daily lives. Today, you can easily access high-speed internet from your laptops, mobiles, and any other supported device through wireless internet service. It has undoubtedly made our lives simpler, faster, and uncluttered.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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