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What is the Pomodoro technique and why is it considered to be the best Productivity Timer?

For those unfamiliar with the Italian language. Pomodoro means Tomato. The inventor of this term Francesco Cirillo is an Italian expert and entrepreneur. His term was inspired by his Tomato shaped timer in his kitchen. He coined this idea to manage work pace smartly and boosts productivity. We will analyze how far this assumption is true?

What is the Pomodoro technique?

It basically means to take five minutes’ break after every 25 minutes of work. It is to maintain focus on work and maximize input. Once you took four breaks and worked for two hours continuously. You can take a longer break of 20 to 25 minutes. This way you will be able to break the monotony and refresh yourself to work more productively. This kind of practice will develop a sense of urgency. You won’t think you have plenty of time at hand and you can waste it as you like. It’s like setting a timer for yourself. You know you have to fully concentrate on the task at hand.

Pomodoro technique
Pomodoro technique

For instance when someone knows they have a particular budget at hand to make ends meet. They will list out their expenses accordingly. Likewise when time is budgeted one will try to incorporate work within prescribed time slots, and won’t squander it.

If you have a lengthy task at hand divide it into various Pomodoro sized time slots. In order to get the desired results.

Make accurate estimates

Before this technique gives you accurate estimates on your productivity. Like how much time you require to spend on a certain project. You need to make an accurate assessment of yourself. Make a proper layout plan how much time certain project required and as a result how many Pomodoro? This way you will learn how many you would require in the coming weeks or even months.

Draw a line

You have 25 minutes for a task at hand and you won’t like to sacrifice them for some distractions. Make it clear to your work buddies or even family if you are working freelance that they ought not to disturb you. When you fixed 25 minutes of a task in no case you should be attending a call or watching a show meanwhile. Tell your friends or family members that you will get back to them once you are done with work. And by then they must behave ethically. It might not be said by you but they need to learn it.

Be self-aware

Even though with Pomodoro you will make the correct assessment of how much time certain activity requires. But you should be sensible enough to differentiate between the nature of tasks. If you are a writer your researching can take bigger chunks of your time. You need not view it as a lack of productivity by taking a long time. For writing, as much as you read it reflects in your work. So mainly it’s your job to make a distinction that every worker’s productivity isn’t defined by the amount of time spent on each task. But rather it lies in time management.

Disadvantages of using Pomodoro

When you fix a certain amount of time in mind and realize this task needed more. You may start getting disillusioned with it. Other than that suppose you have to make an official visit to a site in 15 minutes. You consider the time is so less for applying Pomodoro. So you might end up wasting those minutes thus decreasing productivity.

This procedure can’t be implemented in every sort of profession or workforce. A doctor, engineer, lawyer or a professor can never take advantage of it. As their tasks can’t be framed within certain timings. Nor they can be distributed into chunks. How can the professor divide his class lecture into chunks? Or an engineer a site visit? It’s more suitable for tech-related, freelance or corporate sector jobs.

How to track time accurately for the Pomodoro technique?

Yes, the real question is if you are using this process will the ordinary timer suffices? No, it won’t make you self aware. It won’t keep track of your past projects and time spent on them. You may spend more or less time on projects or breaks but never realize. So in order to fix this issue, you need a good Staff time monitoring app that will keep both track and record of your present and past activities with time spent on them. Assessing your productivity shall be on your fingertips. Proper software can never be replaced with a kitchen timer.

Also never forget that this technique is not to put you under pressure that time is rushing. But it aims to increase your convenience by making you disciplined with work.

Author Name: Jason Cohen

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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