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What is Involved in Cad Conversion, and What are the Software Used?

Ask experts, and they would tell you how CAD has advanced more than ever. Almost every sector and domain now harnesses the power of CAD conversion software, simply for the very reason how the best AutoCAD conversion tools offer the extra technological edge. From improving the overall visual representation to bettering experts’ latent talents and competence – CAD has and will do furthermore even in the days to come.

What is CAD?

To get to the basics, CAD implies computer aided design. Sometimes, it’s also referred to as CADD or computer aided design and drafting.  For those who often work with a computer, printer or plotter, CAD came as a welcome respite! Draftsmen who resort to CAD mostly rely on the tools to produce drawings that come with great precision and presentation, at least when compared to by hand. Besides, draftsmen can make as many copies as they want and also save it for future use. Before knowing the benefits of AutoCAD conversion, it makes sense to get into the depths of the conversion process.

The concept of CAD conversion

Gone are the days when mechanical, civil or architectural designs would be made as blueprints on paper. Contrasted to the present day, CAD is the industry standard.  Hence, there are plenty of drafts ore blueprints that are now converted or updated to CAD. Considering how technical data is akin to crucial asset, most organizations have learnt the art of effective management of this data. Even companies that focus on creating and storing vast amounts of data, CAD conversion is indispensable. After all, conversion of hard copy paper format to any electronic version makes the process of archiving, copying, editing, sharing and retrieving the drawings easier. You can try to hire AutoCAD drafting expert from India or organizations having experts to see how quickly work gets accomplished.

How does conversion software help?

In general sense, the best AutoCAD conversion tools assist in managing operational costs. In addition to it, there are few more benefits of AutoCAD conversion that organizations and workers can reap in.

First, it saves considerable time and boosts efficiency level

Second, precision is bettered. Also, resources are optimized well

Third, the quality of work is improved by several notches

Fourth, project deadlines are met faster

Fifth, you manage to save a good amount on employing skilled labor. Even training costs are saved, as much as overhead costs of hard copy paper administration. This way you can emphasize on other aspects of your company.

Sixth, the return on investment (ROI) is augmented too

Not to forget, the current technology and management is harnessed well.

Common CAD conversion software to know

Now it’s time to take a look at the commonly used CAD conversion software used by several people and organizations of the world.


In the last three decades, AutoCAD has been one of the major CAD conversion services that work for both 2D and 3D drawings well. If you look at the present edition of the program, look for its flexibility, power and speed. The productivity level is enhanced, thanks to the simplified processes, better design aggregation and larger workflow documentation. You can use this software in both Windows and Mac OS, since it’s compatible in both. Also, the hassle-free visual communication workflow of AutoCAD produces amazing representations and high-quality navigation.


For companies that deal with shipbuilding, aerospace and automotive parts and pieces, employing CATIA is the norm. It is one of the most reliable and oldest CAD conversion programs in the market that work great for 3D product life cycle management. Several industrial and energy equipment producers depend highly on CATIA as their life-saving conversion program.


When it comes to architectural design businesses, ArchiCAD is the most highly-used conversion program. It was originally developed by Graphisoft, which was often used in the previous days for constructing both 2D and 3D parametric geometry drawings on the home computer. Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X- this software is the go-to help for designers, planners and architects who wish to obtain convenience and improve significantly on design opportunities. This is quite natural, considering the emphasis the software puts on both engineering and aesthetic solutions, mostly how experts work with ‘virtual building’ project-oriented solutions.


This CAD conversion software developed by Bentley Systems can be accessed on Windows platforms easily, as it offers exclusive 2D and 3D precision drawing abilities. This can be used furthermore in construction applications, engineering and infrastructure design. Besides, this system is known for its factual data, analysis and immersive interactivity. The software has the complete capacity to offer high-tech animations and real-photo representations that ensure performance is top-notch and the designs’ performance simulation is high-class too.

Solid Edge

For Windows OS, Solid Edge CAD conversion software is the best one to be used. Over the years, the Siemens PLM Software has gradually built its commercial reputation as one of the most reliable and significant 3D customizable functionality solid modeling software. Ask mechanical design services and engineers of the world and they will tell you how indispensable it is to construct hybrid CAD systems for both 2D and 3D drawings using this. Had it not been for its amazing drafting abilities, third-party connectivity and clear data management, then this software wouldn’t have reached the very peak of where it is now.

What’s the present status of working with CAD conversion software?

Most businesses that rely on highly workable and feasible CAD conversion software offer a comprehensive range of services – and that includes hand sketch to CAD conversion, image to CAD conversion and PDF to DWG conversion, and more. These are high-end jobs and without the aid of software, work would have been stalled long back! Thanks to the precision the CAD conversion software brings to the table, alongside the low costs. Before you choose the services of any qualified person or a workplace that dispenses these services, check to see the other offerings and rates at which they offer.


CAD has reached heights like no other. From shaping your dreams to modifying them as per the present-day needs, CAD conversion is the rule now. Most businesses that need to develop and store blueprints of technical data, the best AutoCAD conversion tools are real boons. Even if most organizations have implemented the working of the software, several more are now gradually embracing the idea of doing the same.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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