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What are the safest and Biggest Cryptocurrency exchanges?

If the currency becomes renowned internationally it gains a lot of attention from people all across the globe. Ether and Bitcoin have become one of the most popular cryptocurrency and it has established an entire network in a short time. Cryptocurrency has become an exciting way of investment for many businessmen. The cryptocurrency exchange that is going on between businessmen is turning out to be a useful and efficient option for them.

The cryptocurrency exchange companies have to be reliable before you try your hands on it. There are some exchanges that have turned out to be a fraud and you may get into trouble if you get in touch with any of them. The article is especially meant to be for those people who are hesitant and haven’t tried this market as yet. We will identify some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges and you can choose one according to your preferences.


Cryptocurrency exchanges
Cryptocurrency exchanges

It is not surprising if you were searching for a good crypto exchange company and the name of Coinbase comes up. It is one of the biggest and most prominent companies or you can say it is the pioneer in the establishment of digital assets. It is a secure choice for trading most of the coins while it is also quite a friendly option for those people who are new to this market. The conversion of one form of currency to the other will be easy as you will have your own currency wallet. You can easily connect with the site and covert real/fiat currencies quite easily. These are some of the prominent features of Coinbase.

  • It will allow direct trading GDAX (Global Digital Asset Exchange)
  • Coinbase is financially reasonable
  • A built-in crypto wallet is available
  • Customer base is sufficient


Cryptocurrency exchanges
Cryptocurrency exchanges

CEX.IO also deals with the cryptocurrency exchange of bitcoins only. It is a good choice as there are many currencies that are making use of bitcoins. You will get a reasonable credit card and every transaction will also be verified. You can feel at ease as your money will be secure and safe inside. The major features of this company include:

  • It doesn’t support many US states
  • The purchase fee is comparatively low
  • You will receive the cash instantly (that is within 1-2 working days)


Some people usually complain that hackers have easy access to the accounts and it is hard for them to trust a crypto exchange company. The company is relatively new but the good thing is that there is no case or bad review against them. The best thing is that they handle all types of famous cryptocurrencies. The site has a direct connection with the bank transfers and you will get your money very quickly. Even if you want to save some amount of transactions feel at ease as it will be safe and protected. The main features of Changelly include:

  • The conversion speed is excellent and the transaction will be done in 5-30 minutes
  • It is easy to use and access and the site doesn’t require any personal information other than your email address
  • You will get valuable customer support
  • There is no wallet for transactions and that will mean that your transitions will remain safe from hackers.
Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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