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What Are Some Of The Tattoo Removal Options?

Different people have different reasons for wanting to remove their tattoos. Some of these reasons might be because the tattoo gives you bad memories may be from a previous relationship or it’s hindering you from getting a certain job. Before removing your tattoo you should, first of all, know the methods that you can use so that you choose the most appropriate one. Some of the things you should consider are whether you want it completely or partially removed and the cost of the whole procedure. Here are some of the tattoo removal options.

  1. Laser removal

The most commonly used method of removing tattoos is laser removal. This method uses highly concentrated light that targets the ink used in the tattoo. This light breaks the ink into small fragments which the body’s immune system is able to get rid of over a short period of time. To have the tattoo removed quickly, you can have several laser treatments. However, it can cause pain, injury, and blisters on the area leading to scarring.

  1. Cover up

This is a much less painful method of tattoo removal. Here, an old tattoo that you don’t like is covered with a new tattoo that you want. When it is done the right way, the old tattoo will be completely invisible. It is cost effective. However, one disadvantage of cover-ups is that you cannot cover for example a black tattoo with a  pink one because it will be seen. Usually, a dark tattoo should be covered by a dark color. Other tattoo removal options include intensely pulsed light therapy and fading with saline.

  1. Skin Excision

Skin excision means the tattooed skin has to be surgically removed but the bad news is that it will leave a scar on your body depending on the size of tattoo you have. For removing small tattoos this method is appropriate but for bigger tattoos it may create problems. Sometimes the combination of both skin grafts and skin excision are used to effectively remove the tattoos.

  1. Tattoo removal cream

Another option you can avail is the tattoo removal cream and this is favourable when it comes to the low cost it is offering. However, the main issue is that this method may not be very efficient to remove the ink. This may fade the ink away for the time being but will not fully remove it from the skin. The scars you have from any previous removal method can become less if the removal cream is frequently being used. However, it will take a long time to get such recovery.

  1. Injections

The injections which are filled with glycolic acid or other liquid solutions can be used for the removal of tattoos. They may leave a burn like mark on the epidermis and dermis of the skin and the success rate of removal is quite low as well. The tattoo removal is in any way a difficult task altogether. The pain and scars are a part and parcel of it.

  1. Salabrasion & Dermabrasion

Both Salabrasion & Dermabrasion are traditional methods used for the removal of tattoos from the skin. They are known to be very painful procedures and people don’t like to use them for various other reasons as well. You will notice a very visible and long lasting effect on the epidermis of the skin if you ever plan to avail this method. Being patient and trying out different methods to get the best one is all you can do.

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