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We Never Learn Chapter 160: Release Date, Spoilers and All You Need To Know

We Never Learn is a popular Japanese manga series. The anime series has become very popular with teenagers as it is based on romantic relationships. There is much Japanese manga series that is gaining a lot of attention and We Never Learn is one of the most popular manga series of today. The fans are eagerly waiting for We Never Learn Chapter 160 because the previous chapter ended on a high note. In this post, we will discuss the release date, spoilers and all the other details about We Never Learn Chapter 160.

What is the plot of We Never Learn?

The plot of We Never Learn revolves around the story of a young high school student. He is given the responsibility to teach three female students. The story takes an interesting turn when all three female students fall for the same guy. The anime series has a lot of cute moments that the fans are falling in love with. The female students start to gradually develop feelings for their young tutor. Who is the lucky girl that the tutor likes? What happens to the other 2 girls? To find that out you will have to follow the chapters.

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What happened previously in We Never Learn Chapter 159?

Rizu and Yuiga go to Ogada Udon and meet with Rizu’s father. Yuiga hesitates and doesn’t tell about his relationship with Rizu to his father. When he doesn’t tell Rizu’s father Rizu herself tells her father that she is dating Yuiga and is in love with him. Rizu’s father doesn’t get too happy to hear the news and Yuiga tries to convince Rizu’s father to accept their relationship. Rizu’s father accepts their relationship and tells Yuiga that Rizu was always in love with him and always had an eye for him. The moment she entered the school she started liking Yuiga and fell for him. Yuiga promises Rizu’s father that he will make her happy forever and will never make her cry. The children leave the house with smiles on their faces. Chapter 159 ended on a sweet note and the readers are waiting to see some cute and sweet moments between the lovers in the next chapter.

Where can you stream We Never Learn Chapter 160?

We Never Learn is available online on VIZ media as soon as the anime gets officially released. The anime series also releases on all official platforms of manga series. Raw scans for the chapter are released before the official release. We suggest you to support the developers of the manga series and follow only the digital copies.

What is the release date of We Never Learn Chapter 160 release date?

We Never Learn Chapter 160 released on 31st May 2020. The manga follows the weekly schedule and a new chapter is released every week. If you are following the manga series you will get a new chapter after every 7 days. The manga comes out on Sunday every week and if you want to know about more updates about We Never Learn Chapters then you must stay keep visiting our website because we will keep you posted about every new detail.

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