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Wayne Lineker Net Worth, Biography, Personal Life, Career And All You Need To Know

Wayne Lineker is a self-made entrepreneur and an actor. He is the owner of an Internationally recognized venture Linekers Bar. The bar is located throughout Europe. He is also known for being the brother of former famous British professional football player Gary Lineker. In 2013, Wayne Lineker became a part of the famous English reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex. Lineker is now the owner of numerous famous clubs & restaurants. The clubs and restaurants are situated in several countries of Europe. Wayne Lineker was born on 25 April 1962 and he is 59 years old in 2021.

Early Life and Education

Wayne Lineker was born on 25 April in Leicester, England. His parents are’ Barry Lineker(father) and Margaret Lineker (mother). He left school at the early age of 14 years and started to help his father sell fruit and vegetables. His father was a greengrocer and he learned the business at a young age from his father at the greengrocery store.

He has an elder brother Gary Lineker, who is two and a half years older than him. He grew up playing football with his brother. Gary Lineker became a professional football player and scored 10 goals in the FIFA world cup finals for England. Wayne left football because he had to quit drinking. Wayne played well at a young age, and he did not choose football as his professional career.

Career and Professional Life

Wayne Lineker is a successful entrepreneur and a businessman. He runs several clubs and restaurants. When Gary was playing football for England, he established his bar Linekers Bar in Tenerife, Spain. The bar was an instant hit and made him successful financially. He currently owns many bars throughout Europe which include the famous: Ocean Beach Ibiza, The Skinny Kitchen, Itacaibiza, Itacaibiza, EssexHouse152, etc.

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Personal Life and Family

Wayne Lineker is always getting the public attention. People take a lot of interest in his life as his life seems to be so flashy and exciting. Wayne caught the attention of the public when he signed the reality show The Only Way Is Essex. He signed the show because he wanted to date Lauren Pope. The model rejected his proposal which made him disappointed. Wayne has four children from his first wife.

He has three daughters and one son, namely Duane, Sean, Tia, and Freddie. His kids are 33, 30, 19, and 13 years old, respectively. Wayne was dating model Danielle Sandhu. He also got engaged to her but the couple broke up later. Recently, Wayne Linekar is single and looking for a partner. He took to his Instagram and stunned everyone with a demand for a new girlfriend.

Net Worth

Wayne Lineker is a self-made man. His estimated current net worth is £30 million. The businessman and entrepreneur earned his success by his various successful business ventures. His major income comes from the bars and restaurants he owns all across Europe. He has also don’t a few TV shows and earned a good amount of money from there as well.

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