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5 benefits of having a verified Instagram profile for business

A verified Instagram profile is a profile that has been approved by Instagram as an authentic profile of the brand that it claims to be representing. A verified account will a verified badge with it; a blue verification tick. Getting verified on Instagram is not something small and it is only the very best and most popular accounts with many followers and Instagram likes which manage to get verified. These verification symbols indicate authenticity, a confirmation that the profile is of the business it claims to be from. Instagram verification is for users so popular on Instagram that it is highly likely that there are copied fake accounts. Verification is what most big businesses look up to but why is this so?

5 benefits of businesses having a verified Instagram account 

  1. Increase trustworthiness

Instagram grants verification to only 1 % of its users and getting a business account verified can count a lot in increasing brand credibility. Since they are granted to a very few of the profiles, if your business account has the blue tick, it could convey that your brand is important. Alternatively, many Instagram users fear that the business accounts will be a scam and they will be deceived. This problem can be overcome if Instagram verifies you as authentic. Following Instagram verification, your brand credibility can sky-rocket as many of the hesitant users will overcome their skepticism and consider the account trustworthy. Verification on your account can therefore be an immense boost to your business marketing campaign and the subsequent success rates.

  1. Increases awareness of the brand

You can increase traffic to your account greatly by getting your account verified. When consumers search for any profile on Instagram, the verified accounts are the first to show up.  For any business marketing campaign, the first step is getting noticed by the consumer and if your account is verified, it is much more likely that it will reach the intended audience with ease.

  1. Increase business collaboration

Not only does Instagram verification increase awareness among consumers but also among other businesses. The blue ticks can improve your status in the business world by making your brand noticeable to other potential partners. The verification blue ticks make a business appear as a leader in the market. This can lead to proposals of collaborative partnerships with other influencers.

  1. Algorithms favor verified posts

If your business account on Instagram is verified, it can result in greater reach and engagement because algorithms favor verified profiles over others. This would mean that your message will reach a much larger audience if your account is verified than if it is not. If a larger audience received your message, there is an increased likelihood that your photos and videos will be liked and shared more too. Increased brand awareness is the dream of any business and with Instagram verification, this dream can come true.

  1. Verification allows quicker access to new and special features

New features, when introduced on Instagram, are first offered to those with verified accounts. This might also help monetize the account. The swipe-up tool that Instagram recently introduced is open only for users with at least 10,000 followers while this rule does not apply to verified profiles; they can access these features without restriction.

How to get my account verified?

The requirements to be legible to apply for Instagram verification include the following: authenticity, uniqueness, completion and well-recognized. If your business and the Instagram profile meet these requirements, you need to access the request verification option from the settings and provide your name and identification here. After Instagram has reviewed all requests, you will be notified if yours has been accepted.

Instagram verification is, therefore, a very useful tool for businesses using a social media marketing campaign as this can help immensely in increasing brand credibility and awareness. Although a very few profiles are granted this verification, if your account does manage to get verified on Instagram, it can be a huge plus-point to your campaign that can give you a boost over your competitors. If you believe that your business account fits the requirements, do request for verification because if it gets accepted, it will help in your marketing campaign.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey, a curious soul from NY, is a technical, business writer, and journalist. Her passion lies in crafting well-researched, data-driven content that delivers authentic information to global audiences, fostering curiosity and inspiration.

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