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Velveteen Dream Departs From WWE & Talks About Allegations Against Him

A famous WWE artist has shown his displeasure for working with Velveteen Dream. He considers Dream as the most unprofessional person they have worked with.NXT is releasing some members and employees this week and it seems Velveteen is one of them. The release of referees started with Drake Wuertz as he is creating a lot of issues for the company. Some other wrestlers including Jessamyn Duke and Vanessa Borne also followed him. Alexander Wolfe is also planning to go, but his contract is valid only till 15th June 2021.

The new batch for WWE will be released within this week but they are trying to keep things secret for now. The departure of Velveteen Dream has shocked many fans but there have been some serious allegations against him.WWE has finally decided to cut ties with the wrestling star despite having a bright future ahead. Here is all you need to know about the exit of Dream.

What are the accusations against Velveteen Dream?

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Velveteen has been a part of WWE for 12 months now. He is considered the next big star and has a lot of potentials. However, there are several accusations made against Dream making the rounds. The dream is a former North American Champion who had a car accident due to which he was sidelined.WWE artist Rob Schamberger seems to be unhappy with the way things have been shaping up with Dream. He has labeled the -former WWE Superstar as the most unprofessional person he has worked with.

Rob is a part of WWE for many years and has worked with a lot of wrestling stars. His opinion will be taken very seriously due to his experience in this field. Rob has also created an inventive ring gear that Dream has been wearing during some TakeOver matches. Here is what Rob has to say about Velveteen:

“I hope this is the wake-up call he needs to start doing the emotional work to become a better person.” Nia Jax has also revealed some details about Dream known by writing a social media post last year. She is a former Women’s Champion who talked about him when he was getting into an internal investigation.

What did Velveteen say about his release from WWE?

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Velveteen Dream has been open about the allegations against him and cleared them while addressing WWE. The 25-year-old wrestler is fired from WWE last week was fired from the company last week. According to the high authorities from WWE, he was having inappropriate conversations online. Apart from that, he was sending dirty photographs to minor fans. However, he has denied all these allegations and says he is not into anything like it. He has taken his Instagram account to share all the details about her views:

‘’All in all this entire experience defamed my character and ultimately accomplished what it sought out to do and that was to see me released. ‘I hope that people can put 2 and 2 together over time and realize that all the allegations surrounding me were baseless and untrue from jump’’.‘I felt strongly about not needing to defend myself on social media for a while now, but I understand the audience I work for, and those who know me deserve clarity.

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