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Vaping 101: Why Choose Wax Pens Over Vape Pens

Many people enjoy vaping, and some believe it’s safer than traditional smoking. In fact, many people who want to quit cigarette smoking gradually reduce nicotine intake through vaping. But with dozens of vaping devices available, it can be challenging to choose the ideal one for you.

One of the most advantageous vaping tools are wax pens. They are similar to vape pens in a way that they also produce the nicotine vapors thatusers inhale. However, their difference lies in what they use to vaporize. Vape pens require oil, often called e-juice, while wax pens use wax concentrates to create vapor. It sounds trickier to heat wax instead of a liquid cartridge, but a wax pen might turn into your next favorite vape device after you’ve experienced its benefits.

Here’s why wax pens may be better for you than vape pens.

  1. It Has Improved Vape And Temperature Control

Temperature control can make or break your vaping experience. The level of heat that your device can produce affects how your vapors turn out. Lower temperatures produce intense flavors, while higher ones create denser vapor clouds.

Vape pens often can’t go any higher than 455 degrees Fahrenheit or 235 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, wax pens could reach up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit or 484 degrees Celsius. This temperature is ideal for vaporizing wax. When handling your wax pen, you can easily make the temperature reach this high or stay low, depending on your preference.

Wax pens from, for example, have high-quality batteries which allow you to tweak the temperature as you go. A good battery can provide great hits from the wax cartridge without burning it.

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  1. It Has Little To No Scent

There are vape juices that come in various sweet flavors and scents. However, some vapers prefer releasing clouds without a stench. Vape pens can sometimes hide the smell of the vapors, but it’s not always the case. Meanwhile, wax pens don’t often release any scent, which is perfect for those who want to vape without any exposure to smells of either vapor or vape juice.

  1. It Is Small And Compact

If you find the portability of vape pens appealing, you’ll be happy to learn that wax pens are just as compact. Like vape pens, you can still bring a wax pen wherever you go since it’s more discreet than traditional cigarettes.

So, having a CBD wax pen on standby is a great idea if you need a pick-me-up at work. You can slip it in your pocket or attach it to a lanyard for easy access. When you take a quick hit, very few people will notice. You’ll rarely feel tired within the day.

  1. It Serves A Dual Purpose

Depending on where you live, a wax pen may be synonymous with a dab pen. The device also uses solid, waxy concentrates, which a dab pen needs. Thus, some people use their wax pens as dab pens, too.

The dual-purpose nature of a wax pen offers you a variety of how you want to receive your highs. You’re restricted to one method with a vape pen, which some people may find boring sometimes. So, when you want to try dabbing concentrates on one day and vaporizing wax on the next, your wax pen has those two options available.

  1. It Is Better For Experienced Vapers

If you’re a beginner at vaping, you may find vape pens easier to use. As you gain experience, you could start branching off to other vape devices. You’ll eventually want to try different levels of concentrate and in other forms, such as shatter or resin.

Vape pens come as they are, and users don’t often need to load cartridges independently. On the other hand, wax pens give vapers more freedom to pack as much concentrate as they please. Many expert vapers may prefer wax pens over vape pens since the former doesn’t require you to depend on the device for a great vaping experience.

You must remember, however, that wax pens require constant upkeep and maintenance. If you’re using a wax pen, you’ll need to clean it often to avoid damage or contamination.

  1. It Is The Best Option For Cannabis Consumers

Unsurprisingly, vape pens are beloved by people who frequently use cannabis. However, those who prefer better hits per vape are better off with a wax pen. Like dab pens, wax pens offer high potency potential, which means improved vapors from your CBD concentrates.

As mentioned, wax pens can reach higher temperatures and are easily adjustable. You can modify the heat as desired to vaporize your cannabis concentrates. This makes the wax pen the best option for CBD enthusiasts, allowing you better control over your vaping experience.


Wax pens may be your ideal device if you’ve vaped many times before and want something new for a change. They’re discreet, yet they give vapers incredible highs without worrying about burning themselves or the concentrates. Vapors from wax pens might also be more acceptable around your non-vaper friends who don’t enjoy the foul scent that comes from vaping. If you haven’t tried wax pens, today is a good time to start.

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