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Uv Taschenlampe | Uv (Ultravoilet) Flashlight

UV taschenlampe is used for several purposes and it is very helpful. It can be used to check the currency is fake or real. UV flashlight is also used at bars, concerts and events to grant access to real ones. It can also be used to kill bacteria and cure adhesives. It is also used in HVAC repair. It can also be used by automotive repairmen to observe and get aid in repair of air conditioner, oil and sunroof leaks. UV flashlight is used to make stains and find certain minerals in the stones.

OLIGHT I5uv EOS EDC Flashlight

The powerful i5UV EOS ultraviolet flashlight is very useful and contain 365 nm wavelength and 1500mW power. Like all the UV flashlights i5UV flashlight is used to check banknotes and certain minerals in stones visible. It can submerge in water up to 2 meters deep for 30 minutes. This flashlight is user friendly and two dimensional clip gives easy grip so it can be easily kept in the pocket. Olight i5UV gives excellent running time to users and it is recommended for the professional use. It is not only suitable for the professional purposes it can also be used by every person because it helps to do many tasks of daily life.

Features of Light i5UV EOS EDC flashlight:

The stunning design of i5UV is versatile and provides good durability. 365nm wavelength helps you to do many tasks easily. It contain LED light which is useful for the security purposes for example to check banknotes. If you are going out for adventure you can take this flashlight with you because it is very stylish and blue housing with magenta splatters and double helix gives it stunning look. Its unique design gives very powerful grip. It clear the falling test of about 1.5 meters.

Technical details:

  • Wavelength: 365 nm
  • Power: 1500mW
  • Compatible batteries: 1 x AA alkaline battery (incl.)                 
  • Mode of operation: End cap switch
  • Shape / size factor: Small size (car keys, lighter)
  • Model series: I series (keychain)
  • Particularities: Thanks to its robust aluminum housing, it can withstand falls from a height of 1.5 meters and submerge in water up to 2 meters deep for 30 minutes.
    • Blue housing with magenta splatters and double helix milling for a special look and good grip.
    • Perfect for making invisible stains, security features of banknotes or minerals visible.
    • A highly efficient ultraviolet LED with 365nm wavelength and 1500mW power.
  • Waterproof: IPX8
  • Weight (g): 63 (including battery)
  • Length (mm): 95
  • Head diameter (mm): 8
  • Body diameter (mm): 17.8
  • LED: Highly efficient 365nm UV LED
  • Packaging: cardboard box
  • Use: Key fobs, everyday life, EDC, household, outdoor
  • Package contents: 1x Olight i5UV flashlight

1x AA alkaline battery (not rechargeable)

1x instruction manual


The unique stylish and powerful i5UV EOS EDC flashlight gives strong fluorescence and it emits blue light through which you can have glance of hidden objects. You can explore nature in better way using UV taschenlampe. You can go in search of hidden animals and experiment with phosphorescent material. You can find minerals in the gemstone not only this you can identify uranium and Vaseline glass. It gives you user friendly experience and all of your adventure is far from just one click.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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