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Tough As Nails Reality Show Renewal, Release Date & More

Tough as Nails is a reality television show which has been produced by Philip Keoghan. The first season has been a successful journey for the cast and crew and looks at the popularity CBS has renewed it for a new season. The series pays tribute to all the Americans who work hard, get their hands dirty, and don’t think twice before working hard for many long hours altogether. It salutes all the people in America because of them the country keeps running. We have got all the updates regarding the reality TV show so let’s discuss the details.

What is the plot of Tough as Nails?

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The plot of the reality TV series is quite unique and all the candidates take part in the series where their skills and hard work are tested. The strength and endurance of all the people are tested as they have to work on real-life job sites. In the end, the winner will be crowned with a trophy that is as tough as champions. The prize will feature a huge for super duty truck and winning money of $200,000 cash prize. Even if some of the contestants are excluded from the competition they will still win some additional prizes for their good performances.

They can also take part in the additional games which will be going out throughout the season. The series shows us how to be really tough and skillful in dealing with all the matters. The producer of the series has already won many Emmy awards and as there are only a few episodes left in the first season a new season has been renewed by CBS channel. The show stands out among others because of the novel concept which is unique and positive at the same time.

Has the casting for Tough as Nails already begun?

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The casting of season 2 of tough as nails is going to begin very soon and the auditions are going to have a lot of competitors. The group is going to be very skillful and extraordinary. Real-life people can take part in the episodes and they can win the challenge with their skills. The first season will be having its finale very soon and everyone is waiting who is going to be the real winner in the end. The auditions are generally taken in a wide range so it is difficult to get a spot as a competitor. Only talent and skill will shine so if you have it you can take part too.

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When will Tough as Nails new season release?

The two-hour special finale of the first season will be happening on Wednesday 2nd September 2020.CBS television network will be bringing it for the viewers and the good news is that the preparations for season two have already started. Both men and women can take part in it as they will be tested according to their skills and strength. The first season has been getting high ratings and 2.96 million viewers were watching it on the day when the show was being on air. The new season may come out by the next year or the end of this year. It will depend on when the filming starts or how soon the new competitors are lined up.

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