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Toshimitsu Deyama Net Worth, Bio, Career, Relationships, Early Life & More

Toshimitsu Deyama is a popular Japanese singer and songwriter. Many fans recognize him as the lead vocalist and a co-founder of the rock band X Japan. The band became really popular in the 80s and 90s. The media refers to them as the founders of the visual kei movement. After parting ways from the band, Toshimitsu started a solo career. The Home of Heart is a popular brand whose leader was friends with Toshi.

When he went solo he would take care of all his musical activities. X Japan that was his previous band came together once again and started a world tour. Toshi wasn’t free of any restrictions under the home of Heart and wanted to do something alone. Media refers to his voice as distinctive. His vocals have been compared to Steve Perry that he considers a big compliment. Here are all the details regarding Toshimitsu.

Bio and Early Life

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Toshimitsu Deyama was born on October 10, 1965. He resided in Chiba, Japan with his family during his childhood. He has got three brothers and they all are close to each other. Whenever he reveals something about his childhood he tells fans that he was very far. His mother has been a piano teacher and that is how he started learning music from a young age. Toshi has been very friendly with Yoshiki since preschool. It is not surprising that he loved to sing songs during his school trips. His friends complimented him for his skills. To give perfect company to his melodious voice he played guitar, piano, and orchestra. He is 55 years old currently and his height is 5’5 inches.

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Toshimitsu started his career with the popular boy band X-Japan. After parting his ways with them he planned to have a solo career. His successful albums include Im A Singer (2018), LIVE is BEST (1997), GRACE (1995), MISSION (1994) and We Are X (2017). All the fans have loved to listen to his songs as they have a good melody. His voice is heart touching that is why he has become the king of many hearts. He released the video Made in Heaven that became very popular among fans. All the albums and songs he has done so far have done well on the charts.

If this isn’t enough, Toshi worked as the sound producer for Fuji Games, gaining a lot of attention. Apart from this, he created Crystal Memories that became the popular theme song for the video game Ordinal Strata. His career isn’t restricted to singing he made his voice-acting debut in a popular video game. Throughout his career, he got the chance to collaborate with hip-hop artist AK-69. The digital single Brave also became very popular. In September he has released a food book titled Sweets Memory, Gâteau Chocolate. He quickly signed up with Universal Music Group and he released an album titled I’m a Singer.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Toshi happens to be around $1-1.5 million. He is one of the richest celebrities in the entertainment industry. Toshi has maintained a clean image in the industry and no controversies are surrounding his career.

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