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Top Reasons to Choose Alternative Legal Services Providers

If you’ve ever considered expanding or improving your legal offerings, the term “alternative legal service provider” may be familiar. These services, commonly called ALSPs, have evolved into the new standard for many procedures. Any service that a law firm could typically provide internally but is now offered by a third party is an ALSP. It is not a law firm; nonetheless, it uses an outsourcing model that law firms sometimes use to undertake work that would be too costly or time-consuming to handle internally.

ALSPs offer a highly specialized service to meet the needs of. A supplier of alternative legal services provides high-quality services at affordable rates because they have specialized tools, protocols, and technology at their disposal. As a result, ALSPs can do comparable tasks better than internal workers. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of alternative legal solutions for law firms.

  • Advanced Technology Use

Another benefit of using alternative legal service providers is that they heavily rely on technology to carry out activities, keep track of data, and guarantee product quality. Because ALSPs heavily rely on technology (a task that some law firms and legal departments might not be the best suited for handling or might not want to), law departments can rely on them to determine which tool is appropriate for the job and to offload the responsibility of deploying and maintaining software.

ALSPs also employ project management approaches, defined processes, and process automation. Since most of the legal assignments ALSPs take on are frequent and frequent in volume, they continually update and improve their operations.

  • Greater Quality Control

In addition to using automation and AI to expedite labor, ALSPs follow a structured process to complete related tasks. A lawyer’s core competencies typically don’t include using project management abilities to perform legal services. This creative approach leads to more structured procedures, providing better-quality work and more work completed on schedule.

  • Creates More Time For Internal Teams to Concentrate on Strategic Objectives

Your in-house staff can focus on meaningful research that provides more value to the company when they aren’t burdened with admin-level duties, such as maximizing legal cost control. By relieving the burden on understaffed corporate law departments, sending work to ALSPs also helps avoid expensive burnout and attrition.

  • Fewer Legal Fees And More Certainty About Costs

You don’t have to be concerned about bill padding or overtime costs because ALSPs don’t bill based on their work time. This divergence from the hourly approach is also helpful in maintaining the integrity of your spending plans. Unforeseen enormous accruals won’t sidetrack you because you pay beforehand.


If you discover that low-level, high-volume legal tasks are depleting your budget or your in-house team, it’s time to investigate other law firms’ alternative possibilities. Your legal expenditure data may be used to research alternative legal service providers that provide such services and identify the activity that costs the most time and money. Continue using this data-driven approach by contrasting the ALSPs on your shortlist’s prices with those of the present vendors. This will surely provide clear information enabling you to make the best financial choices.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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