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Top 6 Amazing Product Label Designing Tips

A beautiful product label is very important to attract potential customers. A strategically crafted label can also represent the statement of the brand. Such label also contributes to building the brand identity and effort of the company.

Your products might have great use and demand in the market, but that’s not enough to stay focused in the competitive market. You have to take some extra steps to grab the attention of the customers. While building a marketing strategy for your business, product labeling should be your priority and it has to be done by a professional graphic designer. The importance of product label designing is massive for your business’s steady growth.

One of the best benefits of labeling is that it can help you to stand apart in the competitive market. Differentiating your business and products from your competitors is a great way to build brand awareness. A beautiful label can also influence the purchasing decisions of the customers. However, the success of the brand is dependent on the design of the label.

In this article, we will discuss the top 6 great product label designing tips for your business.

Enhanced Readability

A product label contains some necessary information such as the brand’s logo, product name, quantity, etc. Sometimes, a product label can also have a short tagline or description of your company.

When designing a label, make sure you boost the readability of your texts. The font size should be good enough so that people can read the label from a distance. If you want to improve the readability more, the font color should be contrasted with the background color. However, make sure you don’t choose any maverick color combination. You can use bright colors in your label as it will boost the confidence of your customers. Additionally, the color shades must sync with the visual style of the brand. As per Yoast, if you want to improve the readability, you should not create complicated texts.

The Typographic Pairing

Since product labels don’t have very much space for content or images, designers develop a great product label by typographic pairing. Viewers can seamlessly understand all the information with the help of contrast. Make sure you use the same font if you need to maintain the continuity between information.

The primary goal of typographic pairing is to showcase the relationship between different color choices and information. Additionally, fonts that represent your brand’s nature will also impact the design. While choosing the font, make sure the typeface isn’t affecting the readability. You should remember your brand consistency while choosing a typeface. It should be the same as your other graphic designs of your client’s job.

Utilize the White Space

White space is the design area that doesn’t contain texts, images, or other types of information. In short words, it’s the background color. White space is one of the most important elements of label designing and it can be created with product label templates. White space will differentiate pieces of information so that customers can read them easily. It will also create a visual distinction.

White space works as a minimalist look for label design. They also improve the calmness of the products. Remember that white space will make your logo simple and content clear. This is very important to attract customers through product labeling.


Some product labels must require graphic design and illustration elements. This is very important while you discuss the details of the product visually. An online wholesale label designing service provider will help you with the illustration process. For instance, if you need to create a product label for jam, jellies, or honey, you need to use various images and different color combinations in your product label. A simple design will be ineffective. In this case, colors and illustrations will help them to stand apart.

Consider the Size

The design of your product labeling is very much dependent on the size of the label. You may need labels that will work for both the front well as the backside of the product. This is the time when you need to consider the label size.

The front face requires just the brand name and the logo. The other information should be used in the back. However, many business owners focus on one side of the labeling as it’s more cost-effective. Additionally, it also improves the design panel of the label.

Maintain Originality

You need to make sure that your label design looks memorable, unique, and original. That’s why you need to research the label of your competitors. Choose a design that stands out. If you choose a boring design or copy design from other creators, you might end up with legal notices. This will also mislead your customers.

You should not include anything in the product designing that is not related to your business or brand. But, you need to mention the barcode as it’s an essential element for your product.


There are the top 6 tips you need to keep in mind while designing the product labels. Remember that an attractive product label will boost the identity of your brand. However, the label should be sophisticated and legible. Make sure you utilize the white space to decrease strain on the eyes.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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