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Top 12 Tips for New Fiverr Sellers – How to Be a Successful Seller

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There is a lot to do when you are a new seller on Fiverr or any freelancing platform. I have highlighted my 12 tips that you can priorities as you begin to build your presence on Fiverr to sell your skills

My top 12 Tips for you to get from a New Fiverr Sellers to a Successful Seller

1. Perfect the skills you want to sell.

Still a little uncertain about how to get started? Work out the nitty-gritty of what your Gig is, how and where you’ll work, and other details with a little help from this article on tips for creating your Gig.

2. Add a gig video with a catchy image

Our research shows that adding a brief, high-quality video to your Gig can increase your orders by over 200%. For a new seller looking to make the first sale, this is a great place to start. For more, see some tips on creating a Gig video using your smartphone.

3. Make sure your gig is delivered on time. Don’t commit if you can not deliver

Once you have your Gig set up, double-check the delivery times you’ve set for your Gig. Selecting the appropriate delivery time is an important step in making sure you’re set up to succeed on Fiverr. Learn more about how to gauge the right time for yourself.

4. Use SEO to help your gig get found, visibility is important

Small SEO tweaks can make a huge difference in the number of eyeballs your Gig will receive. Review best practices for a Gig title that will grab buyers’ attention.

5. Make your profile stand out, show your skills

In a huge marketplace like Fiverr, sellers benefit from creating a consistent and memorable personal brand. Learn how to use a distinctive image and description on your Fiverr profile to define yourself and make your Gig stand out.

6. Get the app Stay Live 24/7

Downloading the Fiverr Android or iOS app will help you keep up with orders & buyer requests on the go. Being able to see and respond to requests anytime is a great way to grow your business faster.

7. Review the best practices and follow Fiverr policies

Browse Fiverr Help and Education Center and the Forum to understand the best practices for Fiverr sellers. Following these tips will help you get on the right track!

8. Learn how to go beyond $5

A $5 Gig is just the beginning! Learn how to increase your earnings with Gig Packages.

9. Connect on the forum or groups

Dive into the Fiverr forum or any other freelancing, commerce community and get acquainted with the community there. It’s a great resource for tips as well as a supportive place to connect with others

10. Keep Learning new skills

Learn and improve your skills to improve your businesses!

11. Be confident

Be confident in what you do and offer services with full confidence.
Do not offer what you can not perform as a task.

12. Pass English Test – English Test is a must

Pass the English test as soon as possible. Fiverr will not show your gig in top buyers searches unless you are English test qualified. over 80% grades.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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