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Top 10 Best PUBG Mobile Players in the World and game modes in PUBG

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a famous game which is loved by everyone while PUBG is a specially designed mobile version of it. The game was first released on PC and Xbox but later in 2018 it came out with a mobile version which fits well for Android but the adjustments are on a smaller scale.

What is the game about?

The PUBG game is quite interesting as there are many features which will make you hook onto this lovely game. When you land down from a parachute you will witness a nice island. The problem is that you have nothing in hand and have to gather all the necessities for you, be it food, clothes, weapons or medical help and so on. The island is a combination of a modern and rural setting and you will have to face at least 100 players. You can play alone or even have the option to create a team. When you win something you will be treated with a meal consisting of chicken. The playing session lasts up to 30 minutes but will be possible if you survive and don’t get attacked or die suddenly. The game is easy to download; you can get free logins, rewards and coins.

Till 2018 it has been revealed that the game is played by 200 million users worldwide while you will witness about 30 million users playing the game on a daily basis. It has been named as one of the best games by Google play too.

Best players of PUBG mobile

As 200 million players have been playing PUGB there is a tough competition among them. Getting a top spot is quite difficult until and unless you are comfortable in playing the game and know the tricks well. Many tournaments are held between players and some have even created their own YouTube channels for it. Many people have subscribed to the channels of these top players where they demonstrate their skills and gameplay. Here is a list of some of the top PUBG mobile players.

  • Coffin
    Country: Turkey
  • Biubiu
    Country: Malaysia
  • Soul Mortal
    Country: India
  • Izzo
    Country: Denmark
  • Athena Gaming
    Country: South Korea
  • Levinho
    Country: Sweden
  • BTR Zuxxy
    Country: Indonesia
  • RRQ D2E
    Country: Thailand
  • Talktohand
    Country: Germany
  • Panda
    Country: Sweden

The game modes in PUBG

As PUBG is getting popular day and day there are many game modes available for the players. Here are some of the modes explained below.

Select a different map:

In version 10 you have a wide option to choose between 4 maps named Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. Different maps offer some exclusive weapons, sizes and so on.

Solo duo or squad play

You have the option to choose whatever mode you want to. If you want to play as a solo member or as a partner with someone or in a group is totally up to you.

First person or third person mode

Both these modes provide a different vision for you in the game and it is advised that you use both these modes for an interesting play.

Find teammates who know your language

This mode has been newly included in the version to give the players a great experience. You have the option to choose the language of your choice and can easily communicate with your partner with it.

Classic mode

Classic mode is the oldest mode which has been provided to a 100 player’s game. You can select your own maps and decide what to do in the game.

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Arcade Mode

Arcade mode comes with a variety of options. You have to choose between whatever you like and play the game for about 30 minutes and become a winner. Arcade mode consists of War, Quick Match, Sniper Training and Mini-Zone.

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