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Toni Storm Quits WWE Due To Burn Out

There is another update coming from the WWE world. She is released by WWE within this week. Surprisingly the former NXT UK Women’s Champion has asked for the release herself. There are no concrete updates on why she has asked for her release. All her fans have been waiting to see more of her performances inside the ring. However it seems that is not possible anymore.

In the latest edition of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Radio he has revealed that she has asked to quit WWE as she was burnt out. This is something that many of the wrestlers have experienced this thing in the history. There are no news whether the officials at WWE have put any restrictions on the release or not. Here are more details regarding her release:

Toni Storm expected to complete 90-day non-compete clause

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Just like many other top wrestling stars Toni Storm will have to complete the usual 90-day-non complete clause. This is a standard thing for all the wrestlers that are released by WWE. It is still not known whether the company has put some other specific rulings on it or not. Many people are waiting to see if she can continue working for AEW. If this is like a usual contract Toni will be back to work on March 29th, Tuesday.

Toni will have to compete at the WWE’s live event in Washington DC. In this event she has earlier faced Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair and that too in a triple threat. This will turn out to be the final match that she will play with the company. She is currently in the midst of a feud for the SmackDown Women’s championship. If we talk about her career she has a successful one so far. At the inaugural Mae Young Classic she got a chance to debut back in 2017.

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Career graph of Toni Storm

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Toni Storm has won her share of championships till date. She got the chance to win her second tournament in 2018. Later she was called up to participate and compete on NXT UK. During this time she has a run with NXT UK Women’s Championship. It give her a new opportunity in fall of 2020 too. Her debut at the main roster has also been interesting. On July 23rd she finally got to have her debut. At the point she also moved to United States full-time. Since then she has been in a hit and miss relationship with the company. She will have a faceoff with Charlotte that also features an interesting storyline. There are still no updates regarding her future activities. Keep checking this space for more wrestling news. Stay tuned for more!

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