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These 10 Small Habits Can Help You Lose Weight Faster

Losing weight shouldn’t be seen as a stressful situation. There is a misconception among the people that strict workout and diet routine is the only way to lose weight effectively. You can lose weight by making simple habitual and food intake changes in your day to day activities. The changes will not only help you lose weight quickly but will also help in making you healthy. Let’s have a look at them.

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Drink water

Drink water
Drink water

If you have a habit of consuming less water, then change this habit. Consume a minimum of 6-8 glasses of water per day. Make sure you drink it in an empty stomach and before bed. Staying hydrated helps in increasing your metabolism, which helps in breaking down fats and clean out toxins more effectively.

30-minute exercise routine

Exercising is equally as crucial as your healthy diet. However, it is not required to spend hours in the gym. As per the researchers of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, exercising for 30 minutes per day helps in losing 25% more weight than the weight you lose in an hour. Low intense activities such as walking and jogging have good fat burning capabilities. So go for a 30-minute walk or jog every day. Its enough for you.

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Use blue color code

One of the critical reasons for weight gain is eating more and more and that too in unusual times. Some of the food experts recommend using blue colored plates while eating or use blue lightings in the refrigerator. These small changes will curb your appetite as blue is considered as a natural food suppressant.

Why? Because blue is a rare color that you will find around as there are no such vegetables and meats, which are blue. Whenever you see a blue color around while you are hungry or are eating, your body’s metabolism decreases due to some release of chemicals. Also, there is no appetite response to this color. Blue lightings in the refrigerator will curb your midnight or odd time cravings.

Apart from plates and refrigerator, you can also decorate your table with blue color and fill up the blue napkins on the table. These tricks are known as the psychology of colors, as this color stimulates your appetite.

Fill up positive thoughts in your mind

Negative thinking motivates us to divert from the goal of weight loss. Such thoughts impart the feeling of unhappiness, depression, and can also make you convinced that you won’t be able to lose weight ever. While on the other hand, the positivity helps you in staying motivated to lose weight and imparts feelings of healthiness, happiness, and a belief that nothing is impossible, you can lose weight naturally and look good.

Also, while you are working out, the simple thought of negativity can demotivate you, and you won’t be able to do exercises with your full heart. It also creates stress in your mind, which again is one of the causes of your weight gain. So staying positive will not only help to do your activities wholeheartedly but will also help in reducing stress.

Negative thoughts also make you set high goals, which initially might not be possible for you to achieve. Positivity helps in achieving small goals to achieve big goals.

Slow eating

Fast eating is the main reason people overeat. It is because your brain gets signal late from your stomach that enough food has been consumed. When you eat fast, there is a delay in the message sent to the brain, which makes you believe that you need to eat more even if you have eaten enough.

Avoid fast eating and make some following changes:

  • When eating outside, choose small meals and eat slowly. Even if you are eating junk foods.
  • Take a small break during eating. This helps in easy digestion as well as enough time in which the signal reaches your brain about your food intake.

Avoid foods while working and watching TV

While eating you shouldn’t be indulged in other activities such as watching TV or working. These habits make you eat more without realizing you have eaten enough. As per the American Journal of Food Nutrition, food ads (junk food ads) that you will watch on the TV will increase your appetite, making you overeat.

Instead, you eat in front of the mirror. Scientifically it has been proven that if you see yourself while you are eating,  your food intake reduces by one-third of what you consume if not looking at yourself. Also, try to eat alone as in groups you tend to eat more. You can also bring the portion which only you are going to eat is also a useful hack while eating in groups.

Read food labels

Whenever you are buying foods that are labeled, make sure you go through its nutritional facts. Have a brief idea about certain nutrients that are good for your health, especially in losing weight and look at the percentage amount. This habit helps in making healthy food choices. As per the study published in the Journal of Consumer Affairs, people at the age of 37- 50 years who read food labels regularly are more likely to lose weight.

Yogurt and nuts

As per the research of the Harvard School of Public Health, eating yogurt and nuts is more effective in weight loss as compared to fruits and vegetables. Also, the study by Louisiana State University stated that people who consume nuts regularly are 25 % less likely to get obsessed. Nuts are rich in dietary fibers, plant proteins, and monounsaturated fatty acids. They also help in suppressing appetite.

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Hot pepper and spices

Consuming chilies and different types of hot peppers help in accelerating your metabolism and help you lose weight. Increased metabolism helps in detoxifying the body more effectively and breaking down the fats. Cayenne pepper reduces appetite and burns fats faster.

Smell certain fruits

If you have a habit of eating more, then don’t worry, you can trick your brain into suppressing your appetite. It might come to your surprise, but it is true that smelling certain fruits fools your mind that you are eating food. Examples of such fruits are apples, mints, and bananas.

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These habits not only will help you losing weight but also promote a sense of confidence and positivity in yourself. This will help you in the long run and increase the chance of success and a healthy personal life.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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