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The Queen’s Gambit Review, Plot, Cast & Other Updates

The Queen’s Gambit is a popular miniseries that has made its way into the hearts of many in a very short time. There are many people who are hoping to see a new season as the popularity and demand has increased a lot. It is a miniseries and it looks like there is no renewal by Netflix. The creative teams of Queen’s Gambit have revealed that they have concluded the story and nothing new is left to offer. The series is produced by William Horberg and he feels the last scene of the series is the best one for the conclusion. Today we will review the queen’s gambit for you so keep reading below.

Is season two of the queen’s gambit happening?

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It doesn’t look like season two of the series will make a way on Netflix. The story has concluded and the makers are not interested to continue it with unnecessary twists. It is better if the audience can imagine what is next. Fans aren’t losing hope as they feel that due to high popularity and being the top show on Netflix it may come back with a new season. Things look even brighter as the leading lady including Anya Taylor Joy is interested in coming back if season two ever happens.

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Is the queen’s gambit based on a real person?

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There is no need to get excited and the rumors seem to be false. The queen’s gambit isn’t a real person and the story is fictional and created for the miniseries only. Even though the character is fictional it may have some similarities with well-known chess prodigy Bobby Fischer. At the same time Beth and Fischer have similar styles of playing and they have won championships too. According to the makers, the character of Beth has been created with their personal experiences and fiction.

What is the plot of the queen’s gambit?

The Queen’s Gambit is a miniseries that revolves around a chess prodigy. She has to go through a lot of challenges and abuses to become one of the best players in the world. The girl has a difficult past but her skill and talent take her to the top level. If you haven’t watched the series yet you are missing out a lot and the performance of the cast is also good. Anya who plays the lead shines throughout the series and has given a marvelous performance.

The series has given her many emotional scenes and we can see her range of emotions. The girl who is portraying the younger version of Beth has given a breathtaking performance too. Bill Camp is wonderful as the mentor of Beth. There are plenty of moments that you are going to love in the entire series. The scriptwriting and direction are top-notch and you don’t witness all these things in one series. The limited series on Netflix follows a tight script. There are no unnecessary plots that may hinder the actual story. You will love the concept and the way the lead reaches the top.

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