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The Massive Net Worth Of Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Sidharth Shukla Will Blow Your Mind

If you have watched Balika Vadhu you must be aware of Sidharth Shukla who entered the show and won the hearts of millions. He has done many other popular shows and along with that his participation and win on the controversial show Big Boss 13 made headlines. Since the time this handsome hunk has won Big Boss 13 he has been getting a lot of big offers both from TV and Bollywood. His net worth has also become massive while his relationship graph has not been stable yet he hopes to find his perfect lady soon.

Net Worth of Sidharth Shukla

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Before entering the big boss house Sidharth was making a decent amount of money by starring in popular TV shows. He has an approximate 10 lakh net worth which was massive as far as television actors are concerned. The winning amount of Big Boss is generally very high and if this isn’t enough a person gets very high payment for every episode when they are locked inside the house. He won a massive 40-50 lakh amount from the reality TV show and that helped him increase his net worth by a huge margin. If this isn’t enough he has also won another reality television show named Khatron Ke Khiladi and even there his winning among was hefty. In 2016 itself he won the show and since then there is no looking back.

Other than the reality shows the actor is fortunate enough to feature in the popular TV series like Balika Vadhu, Dil Se Dil Tak, and many others. He has been a host of India’s got talent where he got another chance to get a high payment and also tried his skills for hosting. He is loved by all the female ladies because of his good looks and exceptional talent. He got noticed by Bollywood that earned him a role in the famous movie Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya. Sidharth believes in living a luxurious life and he owns a big house and BMWX5 which is more than worth 70 lakh.

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The truth behind Sidharth Shukla marriage

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Many fans have been very curious to know about his relationship status and when we dug deep into this matter this is what we got to know. Sidharth had been in a relationship with Aarti Singh for some time and there were rumors coming out from the set of Big Boss that they are married. However, nothing is concrete as some people say that they aren’t married but we’re in a relationship even before entering the Big Boss house together.

They are always pictured together hanging out in the same gym and city. Since the time marriage rumors started cropping up Aarti was the first one to rubbish all these rumors. After some time there was news about Sidharth dating some other women and with all the ups and downs in the relationship, we aren’t sure what is happening. The controversy made him the talk of the town and there were times when reporters were just interested in this matter. Here is what Aarti has to say about his relationship with Sidharth.

“There were reports about my link up with Sidharth Shukla before I came into the house. I got scared when I read it because I am no longer interested in dating and all.”

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