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The Last of Us Part II: Game Review, Features, Release Date and More

The countdown for The Last of Us Part II is finally over. There were several delays and the fans had to wait for decades to get part II of The Last of Us. The wait is finally over as the favorite video game of millions of gamers has returned. If you are a fan of The Last of Us Part II then we will give you all the details about it as we have gathered valuable information about the game.

The Last of Us Part II: What is it about?

The Last of Us Part II is a sequel of the Last of Us franchise. The last version of the popular game was called Naughty Dog. The role-playing video game released in 2013 and was one of the top-rated games of that time. The latest version of the game will tell the story of a land where a fungal disease called The Cordyceps Brain Infection.

The Last of Us Part II will move ahead 5 years from the original game The two protagonist of the game Joel and Ellie will fight their way and will make every effort to eradicate the fungal disease. Joel and Ellie have separated their ways at the end of the first version. After the tragedy strikes both reunite and start going towards the path of vengeance.

Is there a trailer for The Last of Us Part II?

Sony has released several trailers of The Last of Us Part II. The first trailer was released in 2016 where we see Ellie grown up. At the 2017 Paris Games Week, the second trailer of the video game was launched where we see a threat of a cult religious evil that practices religious sacrifices. The second preview of The Last of Us II also introduced us to two new characters called Yara and Lev who are a sibling duo. The fans got another action-packed trailer of The Last of Us in 2019. The trailer confirmed all the characters that will be making a comeback in Part II.

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What is the plot detail of The Last of Us Part II?

the last of us part II

The Last of Us Part II tells the story of guerilla fighters who have barely escaped the Fireflies. Joel and Ellie who is the protagonist of the game return to Jackson County and where they get to meet the other remaining survivors. The survivors include Joel’s brother Tommy and his wife Maria. They have built a safe haven for themselves however the heaven is disrupted by a violent occurrence that forces Ellie and Joel back on the road of revenge.

What are the features of The Last of Us Part II?

The features of The Last of Us Part II are as follows:

  • The Last of Us Part IILogo Patch.
  • 7” Vinyl Record featuring music from the Original Soundtrack.
  • Replica of Ellie’s Backpack.
  • 48 Page ​Mini Art Book from Dark Horse.
  • SteelBook Case with Full Game.
  • Lithograph Art Print and Thank You letter.
  • 12″ Ellie Statue.

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What is the release date of The Last of Us Part II?

The Last of Us Part II has already been released on June 19, 2020. The game has launched for all video game platforms including the PS4, desktop, Nintendo Switch, and more.

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