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The God of High School: Release date, Characters, Plot and All You Need to Know

The God of High School is a South Korean web manhwa and the first season has just been released. The web manhwa was anticipated by the South Korean fans because it was creating a lot of buzz on the web. In this post, we will tell you about The God Of High School, the release date, plot an all the details you need to know.

Who is animating The God of High School?

The God of High School has been made into an anime. The manhwa is based on the webtoon that has been penned by Yonge Park. The God of High School is the production that will mark another original of the Crunchyroll. The animation has been produced by MAPPA that is a famous production company in South Korea.

What is the plot of The God of High School?

The God of High School is based on the life of a boy called Jin Mori. The boy proclaims himself to be the God of High School. Things take an interesting turn when he is called to participate in a competition that will determine that he is the God of High School. The anime has a mobile game version as well and has been appreciated by fans all over the globe. The anime series focuses on the emotions and feelings of high school children and how they want to prove that they are the best. The series also explores how the young kids are focused to prove that they are the best in their school.

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What are the latest updates on The God of High School?

The God of High School will focus on the life of Jin Mo-Ri who is a martial arts champion. He lives in Seoul, South Korea, and proclaims to be the strongest kid in high school. He is invited to join the Martial arts tournament held in on a national level in South Korea. During the competition, Jin continues to meet different competitors who are using different methods to win the competition.

What are the important characters in The God of High School?

god of high school

The major characters in The God of High School include:

  • Jin Mo-Ri
  • Yu Mi-Ra.
  • Han Dae-Wi.
  • Jin Mo-Ri/Dan Mo-Ri
  • Hui Mo-Ri.
  • Dan Ah-An.

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Where can you watch The God of High School anime?

If you are a foreign viewer and are looking for a subbed version then you can stream The Good of High School on Crunchyroll. The website will also provide you with all the originals of the anime series. You can also read the webtoon of the anime series that has been created by Yongje Park.

What is the release date of The God of High School?

Episode 1 of The God of High School will be released on July 6, 2020. The time of the release will be 11:30 PM South Korean standard time. The new episode of The God of High School will release on every Monday and you can catch the anime series and its new episodes every week. We will keep you updated if any changes are made to the schedule of The God of High School.

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