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The Bureau: (Le Bureau des Légendes) Season 6: Trailer, Plot and all updates that you need to know


The Bureau is a French Television series that has gained recognition all over thw orld due to its excellent narration and storyline. The Bureau franchise season 6 is on its way and previous five installments have been a good success. The drama is Spy-Fiction and aired on Canal + and gained fame and appreciation by the fans. The show is based on the real life incidents and stories of spies. You will witness daily life and missions carried by the spies in every episode of the series. The show has become popular in France and the UK and the fifth season of the show is going on. The story and plot of the show is so engrossing that the fans are already demanding for a next season. Fans want to know the expected release date, the future plot and other updates about the season 6. In this post we will be providing you with all the details.

The Bureau: What are the latest updates and has the show been renewed for season 6?

The Bureau airs on Canal + and has positive reviews from the critics and has been loved and appreciated by the fans. The show has managed to maintain a great number of ratings for consecutively five seasons. The show was so much loved and appreciated by everyone that there are 100 percent chances that the drama will come back with a sixth season. There has been no official announcement from the makers but it is pretty obvious that we will be getting a new season soon. The plot seems to have a lot of loose ends and that indicates that the story will proceed further in the next season. We will update you as soon as we get some news about the renewal of The Bureau.

The Bureau (Le Bureau des Légendes): What is the Plot of the drama?

The drama is based on the original and real life incidents of the former spies and their missions. It is based o true events that have occurred in France. The show focuses on the lead character who is a French Intelligence Spy officer. The story highlights the events in his life when he returns to the French capital after spending 6 years in Syria. He faces challenges and hardships to win back his wife, daughter and colleagues. His life becomes complicated and stressful when he finds out that Nadia who was his partner in Damascus is in Paris looking for him. He wants to get back to his wife and struggles between the relationship between his girlfriend and his wife.

The Bureau (Le Bureau des Légendes) Season 6: When is it releasing?

The fifth season of The Bureau just ended on 5th May 2020. The sixth season is expected to release in April 2021 because the making hasn’t even started. The makers of the show haven’t announced an official release date as yet and the broadcasting channel Canal + also haven’t talked about the next season. We haven’t received any official statement from the channel or the makers but when we will hear some updates about the release date we will inform you. You can watch all the previous seasons of The Bureau on Amazon Prime.

The Bureau (Le Bureau des Légendes) Season 6: How many episodes it will have?

All the previous seasons of the Bureau had 10 episodes in total. The season 6 will also have the same number of episodes. However, we haven’t heard of any official news regarding it.





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