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Takuya Komine Net Worth, Career, Childhood, Personal Life And More

If you are a fan of the Japanese footballer Takuya Komine then you are at the right place. If you want to know about your favorite star player then here you will get his detailed biography, wiki, asset, net worth, lifestyle, and all other information regarding Takuya Komine. Takuya Komine was never expected to make it this far!

He was born in a common family and did not possess any exceptional qualities. He had a passion for football since his childhood and wanted to pursue football professionally. He played football during his childhood days as well. His love for football and his continuous struggle to become a football player made it possible for him to earn his position. Takuya is considered to be one of the best Football Player professionals in the world.


Takuya Komine did not have an inborn talent to become a professional footballer. He was born in a family that had an average family background. He was brought up in a family that had good morals. He read about the life story of a professional footballer and learned about his achievements. This is what led him to pursue football as a professional. He practiced hard and was scouted by a famous football league in Japan. He entered the industry a few years back and is now a top and successful player.

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Personal Life

Takuya Komine was born in Japan on December 22, 1988. He was motivated by getting to know about a professional Association Football Player and discussed it with his father. His parents supported him and helped him achieve the success that he has now. He struggled for many years to make it to the top position in the industry. There is no information about his dating life. He hasn’t been linked to anyone recently. He likes to keep his personal life private and hasn’t revealed about his dating life.


Takuya Komine was born in Iwaki, Japan. He was born in the age of an economical struggle in Japan. The country was going through technological advancement and it was also an era that changed a lot about the Japanese culture. Takuya Komine was a baby with a unique specialty. He was born after the Vietnam war and other social disturbances in the country. He was born on Wednesday and children that are born on Wednesdays are considered to be lucky with unique abilities.

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Net Worth

Takuya Komine has a massive net worth and is one of the youngest Japanese footballers to have earned this much money. His major source of income is through his football career. He is highly paid for every match that he plays. He also earns from business investments, sponsorship, and other sources. He participates in TV programs and Conferences, and he gets highly paid for them.

Earning, Asset, and Expenses
Annual earning (2019) $ 23 Million
Monthly earning $ 1.8 Million
Monthly Expenses $ 0.24 Million
Net Worth $ 168 Million (Approx)


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