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Star Trek Timelines Will Be Adding Fleet Boss Battles In The Latest Update

Tilting Point has revealed a new update for Star Trek Timelines. According to the latest updates the video game will have a brand new latest update. The team behind the game has now added Fleet Boss Battles into the mix. In case you don’t have any idea about the Star Trek Timelines then we will tip you off. Let’s find out more about the latest Star Trek Timelines.

Star Trek Timelines Brand New Mode

The brand new model of the Star Trek Timelines will make the players super excited. The players will get the chance to play the game with a new model. You can collaborate with their fleet and will defeat boss ships. The team has upgraded the game and will allow the players to take on the extra-large Klingon Cruisers. The players will be able to throw you right into the jaws of peril.

Doomsday Machine: Planet Killing Machine

The players will be able to win a battle against the Doomsday Machine. This is a powerful planet-killing machine that has come from another galaxy. This machine will serve as the primary battle in the TOS episode that has the same name.

They didn’t want to give away too much and will amaze you with a lot of new updates. The team has surpassed the expectation of the players and you will face off against a Borg Cube. It will be a part of the new model and you can read about the update on the official website of the game.

Star Trek Timelines Latest Upgrades and Features

Force Update:

This new update will allow the players to play the game in a 9.0.0 mode. It will now be mandatory to play the game in this mode. It will be fast and you will have to stay alert as you play every level of the game.

Pet People Collection:

The players are now given the chance to play in the new model of the pet people collection. The new addition of Puppy-Placated Janeway will have a lot of new features. The features will include B-4 and Lewis Zimmerman.

Free Crew Slots

You can now celebrate the release of Fleet Boss Battles as the game will have some new free crew slots. The 5 free crew slots will be awarded to everyone and will be the base total in Star Trek Timelines to 170.

Fleet Boss Battles:

There will be a Fleet Boss Battles feature where the players can work with their fleets. You can unlock combo mega attacks and will be able to collect rewards as well as components!

There are several components that will be used to level up with the brand new Captain’s Bridge. The players will be granted permanent ship bonuses. You will also get exclusive rewards, like the ships and crew.

If you are not in a fleet now, then it is time to join one. This new feature will allow you to take part in the challenges ahead as you will be able to gain rewards. The players will also level up the Captain’s Bridge.

The Level 1 Captain’s Bridge:

The last reward that the players will get will be the new icon. This new feature might cause confusion as it will be rewarding. The reward is a Super Rare and it will be claimable from the Honor Hall.

Can you play Star Trek Timelines On PC?

Many players are curious whether they can play the Star Trek Timelines on Pc or not. The good news is that there is a brand-new way to play Star Trek Timelines. We are happy and excited to announce that you will now be able to play Star Trek Timelines on your Windows PC through Steam

Are Star Trek Timelines Available For free?

The Star Trek Timelines is one of the most popular mobile games that doesn’t come for free. If you want to use the upgraded features of the game, then you will have to pay for the game. This mobile game can be sped up with real currency. However, the video game can also be played at a competitive level and you don’t have to spend a dime on it.

What are the different kinds of Star Trek timelines?

  • Star Trek: Enterprise (2151-2161)
  • Star Trek Discovery (2255)
  • Star Trek (2265-2269)
  • Star Trek: The Animated Series (2269-2270)
  • Original Star Trek movies (2273-2293)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation (2364-2370)
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (2369-2375)
  • Star Trek: Voyager (2371-2378)

What Is The Release Date of Star Trek Timelines Update?

Star Trek Timelines Update 8.2.2 has already been released on February 17th, 2022. It is now available on Steam and you can play the upgraded version on your PC via Steam as well.

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