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Stacey Dash Net Worth, Acting Career, Biography, Love Life And Other Details

Stacey Dash is an actress from America. Stacey is most famous for playing a major role in the 1995 movie “Clueless”. She was also a part of the “Clueless” television show and the show went on air from 1996-1999. Stacey was a part of Clueless movie and the TV show, and she played the character of Dionne Marie Davenport.

Net Worth

Stacey Dash is a famous actress and has a net worth of $100 thousand. The actress has worked in many famous and popular movies. She has acquired her net worth from working in the entertainment industry for a long time.

Early Life

Stacey Lauretta Dash was born in The Bronx, New York on January 20, 1967. She is the daughter of Linda Dash and Dennis Dash and comes of African American and Mexican descent. Her stepfather and brother are the founding members of DME Interactive.

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Early Career

Stacey made her debut in the Television industry with the NBC crime drama “Farrell: For the People“. The show did not release and was scrapped. Stacey was a part of “The Cosby Show” and that was her first notable appearance. She played a major role in “St. Elsewhere.”  She also starred in the Monique in the series “TV 101”. Her series got canceled after 13 episodes. Stacey played roles in “Mo’ Money” and “Renaissance Man”.



Stacey Dash’s most famous role was the character of Dionne in the movie “Clueless.” She played a high school girl along with Alicia Silverstone. She was 28 years old when she played the character. She got nominated for the Young Artist Award for Best Young Supporting Actress – Feature Film in 1996 for “Clueless.” She has starred in many famous movies like:

  • The Strip
  • View from the Top
  • Gang of Roses
  • Getting Played
  • Eve
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • I Could Never Be Your Woman
  • Nora’s Hair Salon II
  • Fashion Victim
  • Ghost Image
  • American Primitive
  • Celebrity Circus
  • Single Ladies
  • Dysfunctional Friends

Dash was criticized when she said that the BET Awards lied to black people regarding boycotting the Oscars. She criticized Jesse Williams for her speech at the BET awards. Stacey has released an autobiography that is titled “There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative”.

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Personal Life

Stacey has given birth to two children. She delivered her son Austin in 1991. The father of her son is Christopher Williams. Dash got married to Brian Lovell in 1999. They parted their ways a few years later. She got married to British CEO James Maby. They have a daughter, Lola. Dash got married to actor Emmanuel Xuereb and they parted their ways in September 2011.

She remarried again to Jeffrey Marty after they met for just 10 days. She got married to Marty and is a stepmother to her three children. The couple filed for a divorce in 2020. Dash revealed that she has experienced traumas in the past and has experienced sexual assault and emotional abuse.

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