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Some pointers that can help you buy a new bed mattress

There’s a large variety of mattress options available, and the varying options can make anyone get overwhelmed when buying a mattress. Especially with people suffering from chronic neck or back pains, the mattress buying ordeal can be daunting and a strenuous task. A bed can draw a thin line between a day in pain and a day without pain.

For chronic back and neck pains, a supportive mattress is exceptionally essential. But getting the right one is tricky. Below are a few reminders that can benefit you to make the best choice according to your personal preference.

Research the different materials available

Before making a final choice, acquaint yourself with some mattress options available, and understand the construction, while also analyzing if it fits your requirements. On the other hand, Latex has typical functions but offers a more vibrant feel than innerspring mattresses. Mattress with innerspring has coils giving a bouncy feel but has strong support. Further, with latex mattresses, you can sleep cooler.

Viscoelastic polyurethane foam mattresses are another option available that offers pressure relief as it gets designed in a way that contours the body. Also referred to as memory foam, this type of mattress gives a warm sleep. There are also hybrid mattresses that are a mixture of latex and memory foam, along with innerspring coils. Hybrid mattresses provide utmost softness but also give support.

Another type includes Air mattresses. These kinds of mattresses use air pumps for inflation until the bed reaches its desired firmness. Generally, separate chambers are used on each side for two sleeper accommodations, according to the preference of each sleeper.

Take recommendations from medical caregivers

If you suffer from a chronic neck or back issue, please consult your medical caregiver, and follow what they recommend. When lying down on the mattress, make sure you focus on the lower back and neck to remain neutral. A neutral arrangement is essential for better spinal alignment. Medical caregivers may not have their expertise in mattresses, but they know your condition and can provide you with a beneficial suggestion from a medical perspective.

Keep a lookout for tricksters

A wide range of mattress sellers offer orthopedic mattresses and even stress on getting approved. However, remember, until now, no health organization has officially certified that a particular set of beds are orthopedic. Some mattresses may offer orthopedic-friendly characteristics, but no research backs the claims.

Check out real-time reviews

Focus less on the salesmanship and marketing of mattress companies. Instead, pay more attention to the reviews that mattress companies and their mattresses get from genuine customers. Real-time mattress users will provide you with unbiased reviews and can help you weigh out all the cons and pros of a particular company or mattress.

Read about return policies and trial periods

Several mattress companies offer customers trial periods, with a free return guarantee but within a set time if their product was unsatisfactory. Ensure that you go through the policies, and understand the details before making a hasty decision.

Mattresses are essential items that can make your night as well as your day. You can get your mattressess and bedding products from Sleep Essentials.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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